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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Rensek
    Yeah I misspoke when I said sell/get rid of them. I'll buy a second pair before I sell them. Stereophile (for what its worth) still ranks the 650 as an A component and they've been on the market since when, 2006, 2005?

    I've heard they scale extremely well with gear, so I'm interested to test it out.
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  2. wink


    [​IMG]..[​IMG].. upload_2019-3-1_18-40-35.jpeg
  3. dieslemat
    I just sold my Rag in preparation for the Aegir + Freya. But was surprised with the Rag 2. Then again Im very curious about class A and continuity.
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  4. Derrick Swart
    and did you manage in terms of SQ?
    a much better amp it is already to me in any case because of the remote, for many potential buyers I believe. Concern might be the size of the unit but likely those concerned with that are probably not your audience.
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  5. Derrick Swart
    I don't think so after checking what gear you already have. Perhaps a Lyr and a Bimby gives you more pleasure and money in the pocket :wink: Or start with a Vali2 as I did for the HD6xx, really nice sound for these Senns
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  6. Rensek
    Yeah Vali is intriguing, especially with an adapter to run the same tubes as saga. That's a more appropriate purchase for sure. But I want Ragnarok!!
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  7. RCBinTN
    Thank you. I am getting ready to work on that exact question, for a family member.
    Appreciate the link :)
  8. Ableza
    Cool. When is yours? :ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
  9. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Now that's kind of a funny coincidence. It's on the same day.
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  10. Robert Padgett
    I have no complaints with the Vali 2 driving my new pair of 6XX. I can use high gain, and it is a very pleasant level at 12-noon on the volume. Quite honestly, a 'ModiMB/Vali2/6XX' set-up could cost thousands of dollars to improve upon, IMHO.
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  11. Ableza
    Your mother had impeccable timing. :)
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  12. JohnnyCanuck
    How many years apart?

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  13. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    That's another funny thing. I came on this world 10 minutes before my twin brother.
    It's amazing how much space the female body has on the inside....
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  14. valiant66
    According to that article they were introduced in 2003. The hd600s were introduced in the late 90s.
  15. scclimber
    i love this thread.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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