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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. mp29k
    I’m excited for Aegir and Sol too. I think Sol will be worth the wait. Seems highly likely to be disruptive to the $500-$2500 turntable market.
  2. Lurker0918
    It's absolutely outstanding the time and effort you and the gang put out as well as with the constant introspection and improvement. Thanks again, it's refreshing in this day and age. Just remember not to burn yourselves out.
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  3. earnmyturns
  4. earnmyturns
    It's also what beta testers have reported.
  5. Miguel Barone
    While i agree that sensibility matters ... i think the equation for an "easy to drive" speaker also includes impedance and phase angles. In a small to medium room and without listening to ear bleeding volume a speaker with no high sensibility can work well.

    But ... If the impedance drops below 4ohm (forget "nominal" impedance, it's the curve on frequency that matters) or the phase angles are very dynamic ... you're in trouble ... even with a 90 dB dpeaker.

    Then you will hear that little distortion or blurred sound when the music goes more complex ... and the heat on the amplifier.

    Ok, just an opinion, as any other.
  6. earnmyturns
    Schiit Unison USB is a USB receiver card for Schiit DACs that is claimed to improve on previous hardware for connecting the DAC to a digital source. The reason this is useful is that USB, S/PDIF coax, and AES are electrical connections that can carry electrical noise into the delicate innards of the DAC. Experience shows that earlier, off-the-shelf USB receiver parts are less good at isolating the DAC from that noise than S/PDIF or AES, not just for Schiit DACs but also for many others. Schiit's Gen 5 USB addressed the issue in part, but arguably Gen 5 USB is still not as good as AES from a good source. But Unison USB might actually bridge the gap or even supplant S/PDIF and AES, at least to judge from the reports of beta testers. Note that all of the USB cards we are talking about here work with the same USB Audio Class 2 protocol, the differences are in how the electrical signals are managed to minimize noise and timing issues on the synchronous connection between the USB card and the DAC circuitry.
  7. dieslemat
    How can I be a beta tester also?
    Maybe USBs work differently on my side of the world. (Kidding)
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  8. earnmyturns
    I don't know how testers were selected. But they seem to have generated a lot of useful feedback.
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  9. the finisher
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  10. dieslemat

    I see. Thanks for the info. Can i trouble you to share the links to the feedbacks you read. I tried searching here and also at the other forum but not much useful results.
  11. EELawson
    Makes sense. You and I are coming at our next purchase from opposite directions. My power amp is 190 X 2, so the Aejir option might be a nice addition. I have 4 of those Paradigm Sudio 100s, so I plan to have eveything hooked up all the time.

    For you, the Vidar would be a nice addition to your SET amp.

    I love the Freya. I expect you will too.
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  12. mp29k
    Saga, not Freya for me.
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  13. wout31
    I just updated my Schiit stack (new layout). The only thing missing in the picture is Magni3, which is on loan to a friend to evaluate.
    The Mani phone pre-amp is tugged away behind the Yggy. So that makes a total of 8 pieces of Schiit.

  14. barondla
    Very nice looking setup @wout31. Must sound awesome.
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  15. Mike Foley
    I’ve not posted here for quite a while, and just want to say R.I.P ORT. I always found his posts to be witty and opinionated, in a good way. Very sad news.

    Nice system @wout31
    I had one of those Marantz CD players. A lovely sounding player.

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