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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. porchwizard
    It is with anticipation that I now see the vision of my future but with sadness knowing the journey will be long and difficult, New media computer, SOL phonograph, Speakers, Headphones, and one ring to rule them all!
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  2. rdaneel
    I wonder what the Multibit card in the Rag 2 is equivalent to? A Modi Multibit?
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  3. wink
    Ragnarok and Ragnarok 2, but still no [REDACTED] : Fat chance on that [REDACTED 2].
  4. Rensek
    The photos look like it's using the same modular card you can put into Jotunheim or Lyr 3. I believe that is a USB only multibit card similar to modi multibit.

    Hoping they will surprise us and create some multibit cards for Toslink or BNC or something.

    FWIW a b stock modi multibit is 200, the same price as the multibit DAC card...
  5. wout31
    But according to the interview with Jason and Mike by Darko,Mike says: The new upcoming USB will be (by far) the better sounding connection. To be better than TOSlink is no problem at all, that always sounds to harsh to my ears. BNC is SPdif protocol and Mike mentions this specifically. New USB will sound way better than SPdif.
  6. johnjen
    The ONLY missing 'feature' I can see, is that there is only one balanced HP out (XLR-4pin).
    Yeah I could make up a splitter, but having dual headphone outs is one of those 'features' that 'say so little yet mean so much', at least for me.
    And I do hope it can be used as just a pre-amp (the pre-amp outs are always on).

    And that the rag-2 is not 'strictly' an HP amp anymore, makes for an interesting wrinkle.
    But I do like, (it appears), the increase in legibility of the front panel iconography.

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  7. CAPT Deadpool
    I'd like to see a "double-wide" two slot card with balanced Multi-bit DAC as an option, maybe even with a mini AES/EBU XLR port (my eyes tell me that an full size 3pin XLR in won't fit).

    Hopefully in the future this construct of two (or more) "expansion" card slots makes it into a Freya 2.
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  8. nicoch46
    Arm mass ? ie is ready for denon dl103 ??
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  9. JohnnyCanuck
    I used a Denon DL-103S on a Mayware Formula 4 tonearm back in the 70s (and still have both). The mass of the Sol arm looks to be higher than the Formula 4 so it may work. It wouldn't be my recommended cartridge for this arm, though.

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  10. the finisher
    I know it's a little bigger but I think you could it would maybe look weird having a bigger one on top of a smaller one..

    Same size chassis only a bit deeper.

    Personally I would not put a high-powered amplifier on top of my sensitive DAC.
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  11. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    No doubt it will be an unchallenged quality amp.
    For people with Ragnarok 1 and an Yggdrasil there will be no incentive to go Ragnarok 2 other than the new Nexus tech.
    That is obviously enough reason to do it.
    I'll be awaiting the first SQ tests of the two next to each other.
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  12. Yethal
    And the remote.
    I already have Rag 1 on top of it and it works just fine so I'd give it a try.
  13. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Nah, I never use remotes.
    It's one of the reasons I still have that admirable cathedral of a body.
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  14. valiant66
    I suspect it's not the final screening for the case. You'll notice the name on the front is Ragnarok, not Ragnarok 2. There's probably a few cosmetic tweaks left before production ramps up.
  15. US Blues
    You haven't been able to train the Contessa Constanza to run the volume knob, have you?
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