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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. RickB
    @Jason Stoddard, there is a mistake on the product page for Magni. Under "Designed and Assembled in USA," there is a reference to Jotunheim.
  2. FLTWS
    My 2 transports were $500 and $800 respectively with AES and all the other bell and whistle outputs, I don't think a multi-thousand dollar transport will sound any better but if anyone wants to send me one I'll let them know what I think of its perf versus my "budget" boxes. But I am curious to see what Schiit one will be.
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  3. alpovs
    The 8-pin DIP in the socket is the EPROM with the firmware - the programs, filters etc. that run on that powerful SHARC processor. There is no need to replace the processor. They either replace the 8-pin DIP or reprogram it.
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  4. CAPT Deadpool
    Ok. Cool. The pictures were too blurry on schiit.com for me to make out what that chip was.

    Edit: Ha this was my 404 post.
  5. jimmers
    How come I found it? :thinking:
  6. Lurker0918
    I think Mike is a fan of those carts from prior posts.
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  7. JamminVMI
    404 - chip not found?
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  8. mbusby
    Or throw a kitchen towel over it, works like a charm. I have a Nagaoka MP-110 and an Ortofon 2M Red. Can't wait to try them with a Sol.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
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  9. TomSix
    That Nagaoka MP-110 is a fantastic cartridge. I have the older MP-11 version. I'm not sure what other $100 USD cart really comes close. Excellent tracking; a balanced response without any harshness or brightness; a solid, punchy "meat on the bones" presentation, but also quite revealing. The midrange reproduction is particularly superb. Vocals have an organic, engaging presence. Without naming names, the MP-11/MP-110 I would say, is in some meaningful ways superior to a few $300-$500 USD range cartridges I have owned.
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  10. wout31
    Yes the London Decca is not cheap, but I have never heard any cartridge that can match the sound or even come close. So lively, so direct. As second (and cheaper) option I would suggest The Denon DL103r

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  11. Derrick Swart
    Sam, how is the operational speed of the Tascam? Opening and loading is fast?
  12. FLTWS
    London Decca, that was the name, 103 sounds familiar too but mine was probably an earlier model. DL103"D"! LOL! Sold all my vinyl in early, 2004, left high end audio all together, used my Sony Walkman and CD/DVD combi player for my CD collection until Jan of 2016 when I got back into hi-er-fi. Took the Yggdrasil 15 day challenge after auditioning about 7 other TOTL DACs in May 2016. Never looked back. When I wanted to set up a 2nd rig in my bedroom late last year I just flat out ordered a B ("2"?) model.I'm often surprised at how much better my CD's sound. Improvements in phones and other links in the chain probably help as well.
  13. Miguel Barone
    Cartridge performance have certain details (as digital reproduction have others) that can change the results.

    We can talk about 2 big aspects: the mechanical compatibility with the tonearm and the electrical compatibility with the Phono preamp.

    If one or both are compromised ... You're not listening the cartridge.

    Over that goes the right adjustment of the cartridge: vtf, vta, tracking, ...

    Digital have others aspects, of course, many times i saw people listening to digital music with a Notebook using Windows without asio or wasapi, for example.
  14. sam6550a
    Very quick. The CD-200 utilizes the Teac CD 5020A transport, which is designed for audio playback.
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  15. saddleup
    Are the rack handles removable?
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