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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. CAPT Deadpool
    I have a short explanation on my website, but it's kinda not that easy to understand, hope you got it....

    I',m glad your like Danish Beer, but I'm actually more fond of Belgian Trappist Beer....[/QUOTE]

    I think your explanation was simple enough on your website thank you. And the English was good too (if it is a second language for you, props).
  2. yonson
    Demented minds think alike, that's the cart I'm going to use as well...
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  3. audio philestine
    You just got my vote to win the internet today!

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  4. Porteroso
    If you're wondering if my mspaint skills are up for sale or not, why yes. I will gladly give you my intellectual talents, for a small price.
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  5. garbulky
    Hehehe, I think you underestimate my laziness!
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  6. saddleup
    I wouldn't mind having a Tascam CD-200.
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  7. CAPT Deadpool
    Re: Modi Multibit update.

    I recently received my Modi Multibit back from having its DSP updated for $35. I don't know how they updated it exactly. But I will say that the 8-pin DIP in the socket is not the Analog Devices SHARC DSP chip. The SHARC chip is the largest square chip on the bottom of the board and it is surface mounted with what looks like about 96 or 100 pins. Removing and replacing it would be cost prohibitive.

    My Modi came back with the same enclosure that I returned it in. I can't confirm if the entire board was swapped or some other means was used to update it. Conceivably they could update the Modi DSP via the USB port.

    Edit: Props to Schiit for updating a product that is not advertised as being updatable.
  8. ElectroMod
    Sorry but we are not allow at the Bristol Show (we have tried) also it is not really the Bristol Show as this means it is a show everyone can join, It is an Audio T show so only products Audio T does will be at the show.
    Schiit Eu
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  9. Smithington
    Thanks a lot for responding to this. What a shame you're not allowed :triportsad:. I think I fully appreciate why organised meets like can jam are so useful now. I hadn't understood AudioT's role in this - I just thought they were a sponsor.
  10. ElectroMod
    Yes it is a real shame and easy answer is no Audio T control every part of the show
  11. sam6550a
    The CD-200 is a very good but very inexpensive CD player.I bought mine a year ago for $220USD, and it has been flawless in performance.
  12. Miguel Barone
    Test the AT VM540 with microline stylus ... more neutral, detailed and "lively" than Nagaoka. Only check a phono preamp with no more of 100pF with the AT, Nagaoka it's MI (not MM) and then unaffected of wrong capacitance load.

    Sometimes this is the real reason why Nagaoka can sound better than other MM's cartridges.
  13. wout31
    With Sol I think I would go back to the London Decca (Super) Gold. Had it many years ago (before CD).
    Not very easy to set up (to say it polite), but man what a sound.

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  14. FLTWS
    I remember my old Decca,not the Gold one however, as very vivid, nothing wishy-washy about the sound. I wonder what the price on the Decca's is now? I've been blown away by the increased prices for cables and cartridges I've seen in mags like Audio Advisor. I remember my Decca (90's vintzge) was a premium but nothing like I've seen of late. Fortunately I'm all CD so I can keep my wallet in my back pocket..
  15. judson_w
    Cheapest one on needle doctor (for thing that popped up when I was looking) is around $950. The others are all over a grand.

    As for being all CD, there are definitely some pretty pricey transports out there. I am fine with vinyl, but I have yet to get into those four digit prices. Yet.

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