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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. quimbo
    Thank you. I'm a software guy (been coding since keypunch card days). This will be a fun little project
  2. earnmyturns
    In the interests of quiet, I recently got one of these for my Roon Core, I'm running Ubuntu Server 18.10 on it. I still have the actual media on a not totally quiet Synology NAS, which auto-backups to the cloud. This is not quite what you want. I've wondered about https://freenas.org/ for a complete setup without Synology, but I've not had time to investigate it.
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  3. golfbravobravo
    I run FreeNAS on my server at home and its pretty good. A bit of a learning curve, but it works well. I run it on a dell rack server with tons of memory (for you in the Bay Area, easily available inexpensively). The biggest PITA is flashing the host bus adapter to correct mode. A few shucked WD Reds and Robert is your sisters brother......
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  4. AudioGal
    That seems pretty close to my goals. Though I'm cheap - Synology NAS have a bigger price tag than I'm willing to pay. Ditto the quiet PC. Not working in IT and doing IT consulting anymore, I don't run across last year's hardware as cast offs like I used to.

    BTW, FreeNAS works very well. It's based on FreeBSD, you can download a copy and use it to your heart's content. It will support file systems much bigger than is rationally needed by mere mortals - ZFS is pretty cool. I've built SOHO NAS units for people using early versions of FreeNAS.
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  5. golfbravobravo

    What di you use for a case for the portable Pi system?

  6. earnmyturns
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  7. rdaneel
    AudioGal - not sure if it would meet your needs, but I have a Synology NAS that stores all my media (all in FLAC) and runs the LMS for all our squeezeboxes. Even the lowest end Synology can run LMS fine. I recently added a picoreplayer, so I now have a Touch, OG squeezebox like yours, Radio, and picore all working well. There is even an extension you can run to let you output to Chromecast devices. With Chromecast Audio units on sale for $15, it is amazingly cheap to add basic quality zones. The NAS also keeps a live baclup of my photo archive (30k images or so in DNG format). I've heard that the Synology can automatically sync to Amazon Glacier, but I haven't tried that yet. Still using Carbonite on the desktop PC for backup duties.

    Synology costs a bit more, but is great for the lazy or inexperienced (myself included)!
  8. JamminVMI
    I’m running LMS (logitech media server, now maintained as open source) on an Intel Stick Computer, with an attached USB Hard drive containing music files. Thought about using an Intel NUC or a Mac Mini, but wound up with the cheaper and tinier solution. The one thing to ensure is that, if you’re running Windows, get at least 64 GB of local disk on the server, otherwise Windows update has trouble with (ir won’t run) major updates...

    And that's it...
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  9. golfbravobravo
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  10. audio philestine
    I don't know if this is or isn't what @earnmyturns is using, but the "standard" SmartiPi touchscreen case does have optional backs that can support a HAT.

    15mm: https://www.amazon.com/SmartiPi-Touch-back-HAT-cover/dp/B071J7SLM8/
    37mm: https://www.amazon.com/SmartiPi-Touch-back-HAT-cover/dp/B072M1YSQD/

    I have no personal experience with either. I went with a different touchscreen and cases specific to the Pi/HAT combos I chose, cabled to the touchscreen.
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  11. golfbravobravo
    Thanks for that - added to the wish list!
  12. golfbravobravo
    Does anyone know what I would get Two copies of some [but not all] messages; one with a profile photo, and one with?

    And more importantly, how to stop the duplicates?

  13. Miguel Barone
    ... and some people finds that vinyl it's too much complicated :beyersmile:
  14. dieslemat
    Maybe not complicated but rather lacks the convenience of streamer and or cds (track change)
  15. judson_w
    I love my vinyl, but it is nice to hook up my raspberry pi to the living room system (usually it is in my bedroom) and use my phone to select what to play, queuing up however many albums I want at once.

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