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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Jason Stoddard
    We still have plenty of opportunities to screw things up, so...................we'll see.
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  2. ScubaMan2017
    "The life of a Repo-Man's alway's intense".

    ........................movie reference [1984 movie]....?

    Dang. :ksc75smile:
  3. earnmyturns
    I read Archimago from time to time, and I don't ignore his views, in fact my Pi-based work music streamer benefitted from his writings. However, as I have said multiple times here and elsewhere, I had the privilege of hanging out for over a decade with some of the most accomplished Bell Labs DSP experts, who (among many other discoveries and inventions) developed the theory and experimental design of perceptual audio coding (PAC). I also have current colleagues with distinguished careers in human sound perception, processing algorithms, and audio recording. It was one of them who led me to Schiit. All of them are/were very aware of the limitations of current experimental/measurement techniques. I remember well when PAC was being refined, and the designers could point out where the technology, which worked so well on both "objective" measurements and human listening, would fail unexpectedly in very dynamic passages, especially with plucked strings. Last but absolutely not the least, I've had my musical, keen hearing wife distinguish between different digital sources in a blind test reliably time and again. Indeed, a big reason I jumped into lossless digital audio over five years ago is when a software bug in our first all-digital speaker system pushed out the same Bill Frisell track in standard Apple AAC and uncompressed FLAC in succession and she called out the difference without knowing what was going on. I know, I know, that's not the same thing that comparing different lossless sources, but really there are differences there -- bits are bits, but not all electrical encodings of bits are equal to electrical circuits that at the electrical level don't know whether they are digital or analog.
  4. johnjen
    Excellent post emt!
    And there seems to be much we have yet to learn about our perceptual capabilities as it applies to our ability to hear, especially with regards to complex and dynamic audio, as in music.

    To me, direct experience with sufficient repeatability and consistency, coupled with the ability to describe, and to demonstrate, and to teach others to discern said acoustic traits, is of far more value than just measurements or just written descriptions of the experience(s).

    This also implies that the listener has 'enough' experience to be able to identify these ofttimes subtle distinctions and then to grasp WHAT (S)he is hearing, and also provide context and be able to describe the nature of the relationship with other 'known' acoustic traits.

    This goes along with the idea of getting calibrated to ever greater degrees of auditory refinement, such that being able to know if changes are truly 'better' or are just different, becomes easier to determine, but at an increasingly more subtle levels.

    And I have been aware that current measurements are and have been woefully inadequate to capture and reflect the nature of the responses of a circuit to music, not test tones, fixed waveforms, nor in 'lab' conditions, for decades.
    That isn't to say that the measurements aren't useful, but it is to say they simply can't reflect how the DUT will 'sound like' while playing music, simply because that isn't what the current measurements are measuring in the 1st place.

    And in my opinion this has been and remains the biggest stumbling block to measurements as we use them today.

  5. golfbravobravo
    Coincidence that you should post this now. We rarely eat dinner in the living room, but last night we perched on the couch with Moody Marilyn Monroe (Remasterd 2014) playing. We usually dfault to the same places to sit, but for some reason we ended up with Jody in the ideal spot. We were eating and chatting and suddenly Jody said "It's like she is in the room with us, that $99 box is amazing."

    We are subbing the Modi3 in the big system whilst the Freya is no doubt inspiring laughter in the Schiit factory. I have to say that it is also inspiring me to use SPDIF as the main feed when the Freya comes back. I did buy a bstock small case Schiit simply for the case, into which I plan to deposit a Rpi and a HAT so that it all looks coherent. I was planning on the HiFi Berry balanced hat, but the outpus and alignment are challenging. The Berry with SPDI however.......

    But back to the music, Roon switched into 'radio' mode and we had a number of other singers of similar style and each was amazingly good. I'll be happy to have the Freya back and to update the Pi and whilst the system looks very odd as-is, it sounds amazing.

  6. GearMe
    A new product line is born...The SchiitCase! :ksc75smile:
  7. Ableza
    An Aegir sitting to the right of this rig to replace my little 25wpc DIY amp in use now... might be nice in the coming year.

  8. Robert Padgett
    Here is the case on Amazon, which is designed to do exactly what you described. The metal clam sheel with screws on top looks like it came from one of Schiit designers...
  9. golfbravobravo
    Well, I'm hoping that if @Jason Stoddard ever puts out a design like that, someone will take him on one side and give him his meds. I do have the HiFiBerry case for the Rpi and balanced HAT and it is fuggly. Really fuggly.

    So my plan is to canibalize the Magni2, stick a raspberry transfer (decal) on the front and everything will match. Especially when they stop laughing at my Freya and send that back! Pictures MAAAAY be forthcoming in due course.
  10. porchwizard
    Once upon a time I attended motocross races in upstate New York (that rural part of New York State that is not New York City and surroundings) where a constant part of the festivities were for crowds to sit on opposite sides of a gully, consume alcohol, and shout "the other side sucks" at each other.
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  11. Robert Padgett
    OK if you want to spend $89 to cure the "fugglies" that's Okay with me, my HiFiBerry case should be here Friday, and most of my gear is fuggly, so I am sure it will fit in...happy holidays
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  12. EricDH
    It has to be said, there can't be too much (or even enough) Blackadder in this thread.
  13. Paladin79
  14. golfbravobravo
    Why would I need to ask for your approval?
  15. golfbravobravo
    It's a cunning plan......

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