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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Why not go for coax?
    It's the better S/PDIF way to go.
    Toslink is the worst.
  2. johnjen
    If cheap and better SQ are at the top of the list the Eitr is hard to beat.
    And if a BNC connector on the SPDIF cable is a must then use an adapter, or order a BNC equipped cable.
    They are available from many sources such as blue jeans cable https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/digital-audio/index.htm

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  3. FLTWS
    My favorite season, an occasional break in the mostly gray skies, a peek of blue and some God rays.

    Perfection. As is my 2nd rig setup in my 2nd floor bedroom; "the cone of silence".

    The only thing keeping this from being a bona fide Schiit stack is a Schiit Spinner Transport.
    Although the transport (including AES out) I’m using is a solid performer and dead quiet, but quirky in operation and features. But I guess the money went into making it a solid piece with a quality motor.
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  4. pure5152
    Hey, this made my day :) Make sure to share some pics of your setup before/after or something, I'd love to see them!
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  5. ashirin
    I’m not looking at optical out of preference. The device I need this for only has an optical digital input, so I’m afraid my hands are tied.

    I have no doubt about Eitr’s value, and generally speaking I’ll use any excuse to buy Schiit gear. But like I said, it has to go to optical. Something about paying $180 for a high quality SPDIF converter then slapping on a cheap plastic coaxial to optical converter at the end doesn’t feel right.

    Frankly, I wish Eitr had both outputs, assuming the addition won’t be difficult or expensive. Even if optical sounds worse it would make hooking Eitr up to gear more flexible when, like in my case, coax just isn’t an option. Maybe Eitr will get an update with the new Schiit USB implimentation.
  6. johnjen
    As a general rule optical has the lowest SQ of any flavor of SPDIF and in some cases it's even lower than what USB can deliver.

    However if all you have is an optical means to feed the downstream gear, I agree that the EITR isn't the best choice.

    I abandoned optical once I compared it to the other available options (SPDIF (x2), AES etc.) and optical came in last, to the point that I gave away my $100 optical cable, because it wasn't even close.
    And I realize this doesn't solve, nor help your circumstance, but it might give you an insight as to why the EITR doesn't have an optical out.

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  7. Vtsailor
    Fiber has many times the bandwidth of coax, terabytes vs gigabytes, why does coax perform better? Is the Toslink implementation poor?
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  8. Paladin79
    Very nice setup! Mine is a bit of a mess but I keep changing things around.
  9. Paladin79
    You have to be a little careful comparing toslink S/pdif to fiber optics in general. Toslink uses an LED while fiber optics used in communication often uses laser transmission. Hook a glass fiber toslink up and you still have LED transmission. Think about it, on home electronics a small child could unplug the destination end and look at the pretty red light emitting from the cable, do that with a laser and you have an instant lawsuit on your hands. :)
  10. CAPT Deadpool
    I think one of the problems is getting TOSLINK (optical) to support any thing over 92/24 is difficult due to jitter problems when passing higher amounts of data. Jason has spoken about this before. products with support over ~92/24 is relatively rare <1%? Not an expert here.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
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  11. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
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  12. CAPT Deadpool
  13. jmarcusg
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  14. Ableza
    A Huichol Dia de Los Muertos skull. Beautiful.
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  15. SiliconTi
    Well, I am posting this after reading all of @JasonStoddard ’s and Mike’s posts.

    First off, I’d like to thank Jason and Mike for posting some great info on the site - both we, and they, are better for it. We get to see “behind the curtain”, and they get to receive real-user comments and feedback - something other companies really do not want to give or receive.

    Other thoughts:

    Jason, you have ruined a part of this hobby for me, specifically with regard to what a piece of equipment is worth and what it costs. Is the $2K DAC I have worth $2K? It surely did not cost that to manufacture, even with a fair markup to the maker. But, I did buy it, so at the time, yes, it was worth it. Would I buy it today with the knowledge I now have on how the industry prices hardware? Maybe not.

    I look at speakers, amps, etc… that I’d very much like to have, but when I look at the price tag and divide it by 4 to get an idea of it’s “cost”, I walk away. Kind depressing, actually, but there are solutions - follow Schiit’s lead and search for companies that do direct sales. There are a few out there.

    So, now I want to buy some new Schiit, but I do not actually need anything. I really just want to support them and see what they are about for myself. So, I decided to buy the bottom of the barrel, cheapest thing they sell - the Fulla 2. B-stock, even. Costs me about $90 with shipping. My thinking was this: let’s take the cheapest thing they sell and see how good it is, thereby (unfairly) reflecting on them as a company as a whole. Is the same time/effort put into even the lowliest product?

    Opening the box was surprising - it is pretty heavy. Nice.

    Lots of I/O on it. Nice.

    Big knob on top, aluminum over plastic. Nice.

    Cable needed was included. Nice.

    How does it sound? Very good, actually. Does my other DAC sound better? Well, yes, thankfully it does (because if it did not, I’d be a bit upset by that. Not shocked, but upset). But, the Fulla actually sounds very good, way better than it has a right to.

    So, now I wait until I need something and will check the Schiit site - especially when Sol and the Transport arrive. I am looking forward to that.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018

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