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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Paladin79
    I have heard the Loki and I have certainly been exposed to equalizers I like less, I do not use one myself.

    Maybe I can finagle an invite out of @Ripper2860 one day since he is a Texan,I picture him living in a mansion in a big city with a lot of lights. He certainly has a large collection of cameras and with the proper mounting ring, he could even take his own photos.
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  2. bagwell359
    Back in the late 70's when I messed around with them I was told that the settings shouldn't be more than 3db away from the adjacent sliders - so +3, 0, -3 would be the max. Also that the lowest bass ones could be a bit more than 3 apart - like 20, 40, 80 - but usually you end up with EQ's with 30, 60, 120.

    Then of course there is the subsonic issues that could be emphasized if you set the lowest setting - say 30 +5 - if you use vinyl.

    Also the top setting if you jump it to say +4 at 20k - if your amp isn't that stable up above that, could be an issue.

    I haven't used tone controls of any sort on a serious audio playback system since I ditched my Soundcraftsman in 1979.

    I put away the dbx's even quicker - 127, 129, 3bx - junk. Breathing, suppression of overtones...

    The Burwen filters seemed useful but not enough to get me to buy for 50% off from a family member.
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  3. FrivolsListener
    Yes, but they start at 64 bit resolution, then master for the full range of the 16 bit resolution. So anything that is outside the full range of that resolution is lost. If they just did a truncate operation without any shifting into the 16 bit "butter zone", resolution would be lost.

    I'd be very very surprised if anything more than 16 bits down from full scale in the mastering process was wanted.
  4. the finisher
    When they mix tracks together, the tracks inserted are not 64 bit, it's just the work space. It should be possible to do the same with digital EQ. That's what Sonarworks does as a plugin for a DAW. Many pros use this software.
    I have questioned if I'm losing original bits, I don't seem to be. Testing CD, FLAC, Tidal

    So I do not EQ the full range signal to my main L R speakers, I use single ended preouts to a subwoofer DSP unit, this is after the DAC in the chain and is only messing with the bottom octaves. And it works like a dream, I would not do without it or something like it for the sub bass.

    I have Sonarworks Reference 4 Systemwide as a virtual audio device in the digital chain in one of my PCs, if active I use it for EQ on my headphones, I like the sound better once tweaked to my preference. I have compared with/without a lot, and for the HPs I'll stick with it. I notice no loss of resolution with the Yggy > Jot > LCD X on or off. Or out of the chain all together.

    If inactive the limiter will still prevent digital clipping of the signal, caused by the loudness wars.
    Many recording slap the top, this prevents it, it's is a good thing at the levels I listen at.

    I spent the last hour A/B testing the sound on my Yggy > Anthem i225 > LS50s, no subs.
    First with the real audio device, and then the virtual one inserted limiter off, I can hear zero difference.
    Then with the limiter on, still no loss of resolution but an absence of the slight clipping distortion on some recordings.

    YMMV I guess.
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  5. yonson
    Make sure that price is correct on the Dirac Live license, I only had to pay $99 or $100 for the license for my Emotiva XMC-1...
  6. yonson
    For me it was while snowmobiling at like midnight in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, was quite amazing...
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  7. KoshNaranek
    Lake of the clouds. First and only time I saw Andromeda with the naked eye.
  8. Paladin79
    That is just ten hours driving for me or a bit more if I avoid Chicago, and unless I need to go there, I always avoid Chicago while driving. That does look like a pretty clean area, as does most of the west till you hit the coast.
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  9. yonson
    That's not far from where we go in the Marquette/Munising area...
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  10. the finisher
    I always just avoid Chicago. :p

    This is so much better!

    Last edited: Oct 3, 2018
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  11. TomSix

    Remember multi-band graphic equalizers? Takes me straight back to the 1980's

    Everybody just had to have one. They looked so high-tech, important, cool. Guaranteed to impress small children.

    People would about tear your head off if you messed with their 'carefully' adjusted EQ settings.

    In truth, those multi-band EQ's, nearly all of them, were pure tone killers. They could fully dessicate the music, dry-up most all the "natural juices" remaining in a decent recording.

    Ah yes... The "good ole' days": Low THD fetish, flat response fetish... dozens of antiseptic sounding op-amps, tons of inverse feedback, BIG 5-way loudspeakers with brutal crossovers. It's the way it was done.

    Most of that stuff, I'm entirely comfortable leaving quietly behind --except perhaps as novelty conversation pieces, or doorstops.
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  12. the finisher
    Ya I had one, it sucked.
  13. Paladin79
    I used to drop my daughter off at Union Station so she could catch an Amtrak train to her college in the Rockies. There is also a Union Station in D.C. designed by the same person, Daniel Burnham. I can recall walking around Canal street in the dead of winter wearing a heavy leather coat with hood, freezing my tail off because of the wind blowing down that street. BRRRRR
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  14. judson_w
    My dad had one and I loved playing with the sliders, probably his annoyance. That being said, I do not remember it actually being used much and it did not last all that long in the system.
  15. riffrafff
    Yep, dust-prone open pots, and waaaaay too many op-amps.

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