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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. r2muchstuff
    One more good sounding live recording:

    Fillmore East - June 1971
    Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

    Also, Frank Zappa for guitar solos
    Now days, Dweezil is doing dad's stuff live very well
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  2. RCBinTN
    Right! That's him...an interesting character. Thanks @Oveja Negra!
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  3. riffrafff
    Did someone say, "Eruption?"

  4. kimbo
    I was just about to plug for Frank myself. :)

    Not only a great player but extremely inventive, particularly around time signatures. Not many rock (or jazz ....aside from Brubeck) players stray from 4/4. For example Keep It Greasy the first verse and guitar solo are counted in 19/16 and another part is in 21/16. Yellow snow is in 7/4, etc.
    Sometimes it takes a while to get into them. Other times it is so natural that you don't even notice the wacky timing until you start counting it.
  5. shultzee
    Almost impossible to say who the best would be. So many different styles and genres. My favorite would be Knopfler. With Kotke coming a close second.
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  6. jmarcusg
    I use the iFi iEMatch [1] on my Fulla 2 driving a pair of Grado SR 80e and love it. Prior to the iFi I was limited to 7 - 8 on the volume pot. Now, depending on the sensitivity setting, I have use of the pot from 11 - 5 which offers a lot more granular control. One can argue the merits of purchasing a $49 accessory to mate with a $99 amp but for me it was well worth it. The Fulla 2 is wicked good for $99!

    [1] https://ifi-audio.com/products/iematch/
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  7. Paladin79
    I love that video. It is great to see so much talent and dedication at that age.
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  8. hearditontheX
    Yes please!
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  9. US Blues
    Michael Hedges is a unique artist, in his own category. I saw him once, second row. Jaw on the floor, so amazing. His early death (drove off a road) was genuine tragedy.
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  10. Paladin79
    I finally got a chance to watch this, I had not seen the video in ages, thanks for posting it and Prince was such fun to watch.
    Great stage presence as well as being a skilled musician.
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  11. jimmers
    For me the great rock guitar solos are not about technique or melody they are the ones that have me grabbing my air guitar :guitar:
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  12. Paladin79

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  13. Ableza
    One of the best technical guitarists of all time. The C2B3 "Big Eyeball" album is one of my faves..
  14. FrivolsListener
    She's all grown up now (well, 19) and we haven't heard from her in a while. I really really hope she drops something else out there.
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  15. quimbo

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