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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. wabe
    I don't know if it's really thinking, or maybe not actively thinking. One strategy I was advised to use in college was to read the exam questions front to back before you start answering any. You let your subconscious start working on the problems before actively trying to solve them.

    Your hiking time and enforced "stepping-away" time should be providing the same effect.
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  2. Letmebefrank
    Well, I don't want Fop, goddammit! I'ma Dapper Dan man!
  3. wabe
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  4. Rensek
    @Jason Stoddard, have you thought about taking your lunches at the brewery? 45-60 minutes & 1 or 2 beers later, you might come back to work with some new ideas. I often work from home at night after the family has gone to bed. Some of my best ideas have happened 1-2 beers in. Just remember to jot them down. Evernote is always handy.
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  5. wink
    How about a cat on a pizza to keep the chickens away....?

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  6. kimbo
    Absolutely correct. Take your time, get it right and enjoy the process.
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  7. kimbo
    Agreed. And a separate thread would allow Jason to put some distance between all the crazy customizations that are likely to be made by DIYers. He has already made it clear that he does not want to associated with any attempts to bump up the HT for example.

    [my iron is warming up]
  8. Paladin79
    I can look at starting the thread this weekend, unless someone else wants to start it.

    No matter what if Jason posts updates here I can always catch them and it could be he would want to post updates in another thread anyway. So far I have heard from a few people stating it should be a separate thread. I was hoping to wait till Jason gets them up for sale at least, that way it would be easier to post a link the first time someone asks "Where can I buy the PC board?"

    Any other thoughts?
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
  9. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Here is as good a place as Schiit can be.
    It is related after all and we all get to be informed.
    Yes it is DIY but it's great Schiit too.
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  10. TheNidz
    Couldn't agree more.
    Switching the old phone off always works for me.

    I work in an ad agency, so I can identify with Clients wanting to see things 'to see whether they like it'.
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  11. mhamel
    I would suggest it has a separate thread for those building it out.

    That way the questions/answers/troubleshooting posts don't get lost in the shuffle here, and it keeps the tech discussions together with those that want to see them. Personally I'm looking forward to it and will most likely build one, but there is already so much going on in this thread and that's such a specific thing it should have a thread that focuses on it.

    Just my $0.02.
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  12. Paladin79
    Both are very good points. Even with a separate thread for the more technical stuff, every now and then someone could probably post a photo of a build here without drawing a lot of wrath and said photo is not like an important piece of information you just have to have. This thread moves quickly and I have searched back to find Jason's mention about tubes and such and it can be tricky.

    I have some things on the way that should allow me to mount a Coaster amp in a scotch bottle. The bottle of choice will not be easy, I should practice on a Chevas Regal bottle first before attempting single malt.

    It is not about getting there, it is about the journey.
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  13. bobfa


    I am sure it has been said before; but we really appreciate the work you do. I mean that not only from a customer standpoint but for the industry. It is hard these days to avoid the always on world! You can almost never get away from that stimulation.

    I received my first Schiit product yesterday; a Yggdrasil and TODAY and more than ever I REALLY want you and the rest of the team at Schiit to keep building things like it. (I know,... wait for it to warm up and break-in) I also want you to keep challenging the norm or the "standard" and to have that voice of sanity.

    So YES please take care of yourself, your family, the team at Schiit. We all need you here for the long run.

    Bob Fairbairn

    PS Tell Mike he does know how to roll a DAC! (but do not let it go to his head!)
  14. wink
    TOO late.....!!!!!!
  15. sam6550a
    I am volunteering to help in this effort by emptying all of the single malt scotch from the candidate bottles.

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