Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. inmytaxi

    and as long as I spend the money, who give s a flying **** why i'm here?
  2. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    By all means, keep poking fun at yourself.
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  3. ScottFree
  4. winders
    What does a centrifugal governor have to do with “balls to the wall”?
  5. KoshNaranek
    Ever see a vintage one from the 1800s break while in use?
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  6. scottbrown5271
    I believe the expression is an American colloquialism coined by steam locomotive engineers (the guys what drive the train...) because when the mechanical governor spins, the balls go outward, and the closer to the "wall" they get, the faster the train is going. I think "flat out" would be an analogue. This is one of the expressions I hear people use; they seem to know the meaning, but not the origin when asked. Most of the responses I have heard tended toward the vulgar side... My personal favorite definition is: "You need to come out of the throttle before the boiler explodes!"
  7. Paladin79
    I never knew the explanation for that expression so thanks for that. It may be similar to the expression "beating a dead horse", it was originally flogging a dead horse and flogging means to sell. The dead horse was like a duffel bag on sailing ships. Crew members would put worthless odds and ends into the bag and officers would buy it to give the crew members money for rum. Thus flogging a dead horse was selling something of little value. I have read this but cannot attest to its veracity.
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  8. Ableza
    Ah. Well, attempt at humor = failed. And you know what, I don't give a flying anything that is against forum rules and gets censored, nor do I care about how anyone spends their money, but I do question the motives of people on Internet fan forums who post constant negativism and seemingly intend to create discord. There is a name for those sorts of people and when they reveal themselves, it's better for everyone else who enjoys the forum if they go away. So, in your case, if the shoe fits...
  9. Derrick Swart
    other topic then!
    Music: well for those that consider elektronische Musik music.
    Anyone heard/liked the album Lunar Glyphs from Desolate? (an outlet of Sven Weisemann; not the metal band) I find it is fantastic. Great to work with, to lounge, to cook and a real listening joy on the main 2ch system :)
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  10. ScottFree
    It should be easy. He's already in his taxi.
  11. Paladin79
    I am not aware of that album but I will check it out.
    I am always curious what folks listen to when they are testing amps, dacs, or headphones and I have some personal favorites. (Many of them engineered by Alan Parsons.) There are also some Chesky recordings that I go to over and over as I make sure everything in my system is working as it should be.

    Anyone want to list personal favorites or should we get back on track?
  12. Derrick Swart
    he as in Übermensch? I know, it is a bad attempt of a double layered JOKE. Should get back to work :)
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  13. bochawa
    The Schiit representative at AXPONA in the MrSpeakers booth told me to be patient when I said the Ragnarok needs a remote control. He reassured me that they do hear our feedback and to be patient. They had an Yggdrasil-Ragnarok stack with Ether Flow that sounded good to my ears. I forgot to ask if the Yggdrasil had the analog 2 upgrade. I will continue to wait for an upgraded Ragnarok - want to try it with my Polk Lsi7 bookshelf speakers.
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  14. FLTWS
    A remote would be nice but more importantly I'd like more steps in the volume control to make finer adjustments (as with Freya). I wonder also if any of the improvements to Yggdrasil's analogue boards would be applicable to the Ragnarok.
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  15. Derrick Swart
    Nice idea!
    My current personal TOP 5 albums:
    Desolate - Lunar Glyphs
    Yuri Honing - Goldbrun
    Morcheeba - The Antidote
    Agnes Obel - Aventine
    Moderat - Moderat
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