Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    That's what she tells me yes.
    But she can lie sooo good.
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  2. sam6550a
    I have a large, 13 year old neutered black cat [7.5kg] that says the gravity is fine, as long as I continue to brush and pet him. I will send photos when I can get Jacob Joseph Jackson Jehosophat junior [better known as Jake] to acquiesce to a photo session---Constanza will fall in love!
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  3. KoshNaranek
    He is neutered. He is no good to her.
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  4. Snowpuppy77
    I was thinking the same thing. Even better I would like to see a Mjolnir, Gungnir, or Freya sized phonostage that can be either tube or solid state like the Freya. I am in the market for a new phonostage up to $1k. Based on how awesome the Mani is for the price a higher end Schiit Phonostage would be on my short list for sure.
  5. Pandahead

    Oh my, does he look like like the Schiity Kitty? If so based on the chemistry Constanza has for Shiity Kitty, neutered or not, I forsee trouble!
  6. loki993
    There already is a Jotunheim sized phono stage its called the Jotunheim...
  7. ScubaMan2017
    My Modi Multibit had brushed aluminum with pressed in feet. (I know, not the same as the other models).

    BTW - I slowwwwwly backed out of a thread about comparing Modi Multibit versus the Modi2 Uber. The original posters were getting intense (no thanks). I chimed in that the Modi Multibit and the Bifrost Multibit have essentially the same DAC technology (the Bifrost, unlike the Modi, is upgradable & has an internal power supply). They were quoting numbers at each other. I was over my head - so I ducked out.

    Anyway, just shooting the Schiit... no point, really.
  8. Nicholas Seltzer
    Umm.. no. The Jotunheim is a headphone amp. It has a multipurpose slot into which a small phono stage may be inserted.
  9. sublime9
    I would really like to upgrade my Mani to aluminum chassis. Would be willing to assume all the risk and void the warranty.
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  10. sublime9
    Why that large unless Mike is going to do a tube phono stage?
  11. Nicholas Seltzer
    They've been talking about a new product with some kind of new tube/hybrid tech.
  12. cspirou
    Will there be a PYST SPDIF cable anytime soon? Before I could see why it wasn't offered, but with the Eitr and upcoming Gadget it seems like it would be a sensible addition.
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  13. Alcophone
    The existing RCA cable technically works for this purpose, but apparently that's not proper.
  14. AudioBear
    (Aside: The late Carrie Fischer used to tell about how when making the first Star Wars movie, she was surprised to discover that they didn't have certain types of underwear in space--no bra ! ; they gaffer taped her breasts!)[/QUOTE]

    Fellow chemist and former Children's Theatre actor and stage hand here. Knew exactly where you were
    going when I saw Gaffer Tape. Great stuff. There isn't enough cleavage, make it so Scottie. Our leading lady just hated gaffer tape....
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  15. cspirou
    From what I understand digital cables are needed for proper impedance matching. But even if RCA cables are perfectly fine, the PYST cables are only sold in pairs and I'd rather rather not pay for an unnecessary cable.

    Edit: okay, actually they are the same impedance. But digital coax has heavier shielding to protect from RF interference.
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