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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. RCBinTN
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  2. artur9
    Wow! Is this what you mean?
  3. nerone
    Exactly. They have various ages. I tasted the 12, 16, 18 and 30. The 40yo was above my wallet’s capabilities.
  4. Timster
    Yes, there is that too...
    For me it's fine, and I personally can't hear any difference by using these DSP options but I can tell the difference between a Modi Multibit and my Audio-GD D/S DAC in the same system ... Modi M/B wins hands down :)
    Maybe with a higher resolving DAC I might be able to identify degradation caused by some DSP, but I'm not sure my hearing is going to pick it up
  5. OldRoadToad
    I ordered a Schwartz Valhalla 2 this morning. It has shipped and I am hoping it is a cool and enjoyable as it looks.
    Having said that, I know the question that is burning a hole in the minds of normal folk (99.9% of you excellent folk!) and making the frAudiophiles tremble with fear as the same question melts through their fragile egos...Will the Toad write (not "type") a review? :ksc75smile:

    ORT :beerchug:
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  6. wink
    It all depends on whether you will be referencing all the words with more than 3 syllables to the Webster's or Oxford dictionary.............:ksc75smile:
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  7. barondla
    Looking forward to reading the review.
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  8. Pandahead
    I most sincerely wish you a Schiit load of fun.

    May the electrons jumping through space tickle, tingle, titillate, tantalize, and totally tonally test your toadish ears resulting in tempestuous typing, nay writing of a tremendous testimonial! Cheers. It's 11pm here and all this scotch talk has my old bones and brain infused for dreams of new Schiit products.

    Sincerely, enjoy! That's what the hobby is about.
  9. Rensek
    I'd like to know what type of scotch/bourbon/rye will make my just arrived HD6XX'S sing. Currently available for experimenting is as follows.

    Scotch straight or with water: Bowmore12 yr single, Aberfeldy 12 & 15 yr single, Johnny Walker Black, Chivas Regal 18

    For Mixing with club soda/ginger ale/lemon lime pop -

    Scotch - Blended: Johnny Walker Red, Ballantines Finest

    Bourbon: Basil Haydens, Makers Mark

    Canadian Rye: Crown Royal, Wisers, Gibson Sterling, Schenley Golden Wedding, Windsor Canadian

    For Making Old Fashioneds

    Rye: Crown Royal

    Bourbon: Woodford Reserve

    Shots: Fireball (cinnamon whiskey) or Jim Beam Cherry (it was a gift) its only palatable as a shot.

    I probably spend too much on booze.

    If you like fruity drinks I have a hell of a recipe for you. I call it the Delbee.

    Fill a Red Solo Cup 3/4 full of ice.
    2 oz Captain Morgan
    1 oz Malibu or 1/2 oz if you aren't huge fan of Malibu.
    1/2 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau
    1/2 oz Vodka
    4 oz Orange Juice
    1-2 Oz of Pineapple Juice (depending on your love of Pineapple)
    2 oz lemon lime soda of your choosing
    Splash of grenadine or Maraschino Cherry juice.
    If you like flair, shake and strain, then add grenadine, orange slice and a single cherry.

    The other variation is to remove the cherry flavoring and add 1oz of pomegranate juice.

    Some may know, but rum buzz is a different kind of buzz. My whole body feels buzzed, bit it takes mucho rum to feel super drunk.

    My wife LOVES this drink, Considering how it makes all our squabbles fall away I should maybe rename it the Marriage Counselor.

    Happy Listening and imbibing

    Edit - this post was definitely written under the influence.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  10. US Blues
    Not all of us who have requested a balance control play music on a computer.
  11. sublime9


    Please show us a picture of the glorious Valhalla noire, with tubes aglow in low light. I was going to say something about your first Schiit reach around, but ick...
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  12. sublime9
    Hear, hear!
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  13. Pandahead
    LOL, my wife swears by our invention of 7Up with Knob Creek 120 on the rocks......requires Multibit balance control...

    Side: Still hoping for Loki Maxi Balanced with or without balance control.
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  14. Timster
    I agree with the need for a balance control, but for some of us that should already be available in DSP options in Jriver, Roon, Foobar etc.

    There, fixed it :)
  15. Timster
    I always preferred 7-Up over other similar "lemonades" especially when using it as a mixer. Knob Creek 120 sounds very interesting.... Will look out for it

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