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Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. liamo
    As someone not a fan of the loudness setting, or Bose, yes. Do I still have my 40 year old 501’s, yes but that eighteen year old kid has changed a bit. But they do seem, or did seem (really not familiar with their gear these days) to have what essentially sounded like a built in loudness character, just curious as to how they achieved that in a different domain. But thanks for the insight.
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  2. Jason Stoddard
    Hey all, sorry to be scarce. I'll be posting a new chapter on Wednesday or Thursday, entitled "Engineering, Part 1." This is a multi-part chapter that will cover the design of a fun little that you could even build in the end (or it has another use, requiring no building involved.) Don't get too excited, we're not "entering the DIY market" or anything like that. If you want DIY, any other company offering DIY will be doing it better, and supporting it better, than us.

    As to why I've been scarce, the best explanation is that the systems we've been using to track production and engineering have both been undergoing some major overhauls, and it's been a crazy few days getting everything in some kinda shape. I'm sure that'll be the subject of a future chapter.
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  3. Pandahead
    Heathschiit, I knew it!
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  4. swspiers
    You need to copyright that. And explain it to the Millennials...
  5. inmytaxi
    In the meantime, how does the XC compare to the EtherC? And how do they match with the Lyr2? I'm thinking of sidegrading and / or upgrading, but the Vali2 and the XC make fantastic music together, what am I missing, if anything?
  6. FrivolsListener
    Hah. I had run into a guy at a hamfest back in the 90s who had gotten a license from the Heath Company to put the Heathkit logo on mugs and other paraphenalia (sp!). I bought 4 mugs on the spot and gave most of them as gifts.

    I wish I could remember his name.
  7. FLTWS
  8. Byronb
    This is awesome, you win the internet for the day... :)
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  9. Pandahead
    I have always preferred my XCs. In spite of their weight. They have a nice synergy with the tubes I'm using in the Lyr. The Ether Cs lack thump. The Ether Cs are more revealing but after a while, for me, they just aren't fun like the XCs. Over time the Ether Cs found a home with some Ken-Rad VT-231s, the most bass heavy tubes I have, but I still prefer the XCs. Enter Loki. Now I finally like the Ethers but Loki made the XCs even more fun than they were so their position is secure, they stay on the night stand and I listen to them every night before I go to sleep. And it's probably just me but I find the clamping pressure of the Ether is a bit much after 45 minutes or so.
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  10. Pandahead
    Sorry, double post. I blame my phone not my incompetence.
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  11. RCBinTN
    Cool @Jason Stoddard thanks for your update.
    Implementing new control systems i.e. OPEX requires mega up-front time, but it yields big bucks in the long run.
    Good to hear that you and your Schiit Associates are on that path...
  12. valiant66
    Unrelated to anything recently posted, I finally got replacement cables for my Massdrop Sennheiser 6XX headphones that have in-line iPhone controls so I can wear them while walking the dog and control my music / talk on the phone. My iPhone SE drives them to loud enough levels that I don't feel I absolutely need a portable amp. That was a worry for me, because as far as I know there are no portable headphone amps that allow passthrough of music control or vox, and I didn't know if the phone would drive the 'phones with enough volume.

    No worries. They are stunning.

    I live in Calgary, where the weather hit -30°C last week, and I've walked the dog in -25°C weather a couple of times recently. I wore my AKG 551's for that, because they're closed and keep my ears warm in cold weather, and came phone-ready with inline controls. They're 32 ohm, so the phone had no problem driving them, and with a toque and hooded puffy jacket, they keep things bearable. But it's gotten warmer, only -10°'s and -teens for the last few days, so I broke out the Sennies. Wow. I'm walking the same route, at the same time of day, and listening to the same music, and I cannot believe how natural the open-back headphones make music sound. I'm in awe. It's no wonder the 650s were Sennheiser's top of the line for so long, they are truly impressive and worthy of being reference headphones.

    Pretty much every review of mini-monitor speakers compare them to Rogers LS3/5As, and pretty much every review of circumaural headphones reference the Sennheiser 650s. I'm glad and proud to now own both of those products. Each, in their own way, defines how reproduced music is heard, and I'm glad to have each of them for a baseline.

    To bring this back to this thread, if Schiit could figure out how to make Fulla 3 pass-through the mic and music controls in TRRS cables, I would be a happy camper. To get better amplification but still be able to answer calls would make me one happy dog walker...
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  13. schneller
    Does anyone know if Gumby will also get an Analog 2 treatment?
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  14. Defiant00
    The only people who know (Jason, Mike) aren't going to say anything until it's available, if it even exists.
  15. hagenhays
    Very excited here finally feel like I've made the right choices in giving my self some decent equipment to play around with. I started with the reputable Brent Jesse and ordered 2 amperex bugle boy tubes for my vali 2. My first snobbish test of" ear wine". I can just picture the smell and seeing that 1960s date for the first time.
    2nd--i ordered new 10 foot periapt's cable for my Senn hd6xxs, they really must have skimped on this part, so I'm feeling good about this cable purchase. go away from tubes, I went ahead and bought the magni 3, solid state amp.

    If anyone is interested, probably not until April, I can give my impressions between the two amps , to finally get down to their sonic differences and nuances.
    I think it will be fun
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