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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. sam6550a
    This definitely does not fit the Schiit corporate profile. If Schiit were to take this "high end detour", they would have to join the overpriced frAudiophile culture, which will never happen. Read all of Jason's chapters to see why.
  2. Ragnar-BY
    I don`t know, what others think, but I am only interested in $5K Schiit-style amp. I mean, the amp, where most money was spent for parts, work or design. Not for chassis or luxury brand. Plain aluminum is fine for me. There are a lot of expensive amplifiers on the market already, what`s the point in making another one? Vidar looks great at its price (if I ever decide to build a 2ch, the only question would be do I need one Vidar or two), maybe it would look good at $1K. But what would be the reason to buy a Vidar in good chassis for $5K? At $5K you would have much more options than at $699.

    Also, I don`t think luxury market is so good, like it looks from the outside. Lower sales, lower cash flow, expensive service, bigger marketing budgets and so on.
  3. SeaWo|f
    @Jason Stoddard

    I was wondering.. if you decided to do a larger more desktop oriented version of the Loki, with steppers, would you consider memory buttons for a few presets?
  4. rlow
    Exactly. Why does everyone want Schiit to do exactly what every other audio company is doing? Especially when the Schiit you're doing is already great and just keeps getting better. No person (or company) is perfect, but I say don't listen to any of us - your instincts have been pretty damn good so far. I'm just waiting for the next great thing you guys bring out.

    Not that this is going to stop people from continuing to ask you realize...
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  5. FrivolsListener
    Heck, Jason quipped earlier that he could put a Magni 3 in a machined case with photogenic tubes mounted on it and people would rave over its new sound.

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  6. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    I think we should see Jason's refusal in exactly that light.
    He IS making the best amps he wants and I guess he does not see the point in making a TOP amp for more than it's really worth.
    And that, my dear friends, is in our advantage.
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  7. cold ears
    What sound card? I just replaced my desktop with a Windows workstation that doesn't have any audio output save analog. I need a recommendation for a simple sound card to feed my Bifrost/Lyr2 setup. I won't be using it for anything else.
  8. SeaWo|f
    Why not use USB?

    You can get creativelabs and asus PCI-E sound cards with digital outs for as little as $40 on amazon
  9. MarkF786
    Is it normal for Schiit's shipping date on an order to continue to slide without a notification to customers? I originally placed an order on 12/28 with a shipping date in early January, but wanted to add an item to my order which required canceling it (not realizing that it would delay my order). Then on the updated order, the shipping date was the week of 1/22, but when I logged in to check my order last week the date was delayed to this week, but now when I check it’s delayed to 2/26. It seems odd to have multiple delays in the date without notifying customers.

    I understand that 1) their process might not allow for modifications to the order and 2) that there might be unexpected delays, but better communications would improve the customer experience like, 1) "please note that if you modify your order, it will likely be delayed to the next shipment" and 2) "please note your shipping date has slipped." I wouldn't have changed my order if I had known!

    I know this it the Schiit love fest, and I too love their products since this is my fourth order, but the ordering & fulfillment process could use a little work.
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  10. 5genez
    That reminds me of the original Volkswagen Beetle ads .... Every year they would show pictures of their newly released model in magazines. It always appeared to be the same picture.
    VW would then explain that each year the design was improved in function of quality in some way, and how they were not concerned with superficial changes like other companies... VW was only concerned with quality improvements. I always admired their attitude towards producing a quality product.
  11. cold ears
    Thanks SeaWolf. I didn't get USB when I first bought my Bifrost and didn't see any use case when I upgraded it, so I didn't think of this option. I just ordered the part.
  12. Zojokkeli
    I for one would be hard pressed to ever spend 5k€ on speakers, let alone on an amp. I think budget high-end is where Schiit's game is at, and any detour into megabuck products would only harm their reputation.
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  13. wout31
    All this discussion about putting in more bling, milled cabinets and other stuff in reminds me of the day that a friend came to "listen" to my Schiit gear.
    What he did what "look" around and did NOT find those fancy amplifiers with blue VU meters, one piece milled aluminium cabinets, glowing tubes sticking out or big tall rising speakers with woofers, waffers, baffles, ports and thick wiring.
    He then and there decided this was not HiFI, or High end as we need to call it these days. Never listened in a serious way to any recording I played for him.
    Now here on the forum we have people who ask Schiit to change their policy and move to making crap products in fancy cabinets that most frAudiophiles want.
    Probably the same people that buy overpriced iPhone X just for the looks, not for the performance. You can have the same or better for half the price.
    My conclusion: people beg to be fooled by tech companies only to impress their environment with great "Looking" gear. Never mind the sound. Not important.
    I'm sure @Jason Stoddard and @Baldr will not follow and I'm glad. I own 8 pieces of Schiit now and will own them for years to come. I don't need to impress anyone. I want to impress my ears, that's all.
    Maybe people should close their eyes and "listen" instead of "looking" at the sound quality.
  14. 5genez
    Couldn't they make their Schiit look a little more Charmin? :ksc75smile:
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  15. Nicholas Seltzer

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