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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Jones Bob
    Can The Gadget tame William Shatner?
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  2. Mike Foley

    In the interests of balance, here are the final two paragraph of the review.

    “This has been a really great experience reviewing the Schiit reference system. It's really crazy just how much sound quality and build quality one can get for $4,400 or less. I'm very happy I brought in Dynaudio, Sonus Faber, and Focal loudspeakers to supplement my TAD CR1s. Each of the speakers I brought in work great with the Schiit system. Selecting the right pair is a matter of taste, budget, appearance, availability, and cohesion with the rest of the system. I don't recommend using TAD Compact Reference with the Schiit Vidar amps. I just wasn't thrilled by the sound.

    Now that I've spent serious time with the best Schiit has to offer, I am extremely comfortable recommending Schiit Audio to my friends, family, and other audio enthusiasts. One can spend all the time in the world looking at the specs, reading the manufacturers blurbs, and reading what others have to say in the forum, but without actually getting the stuff in one's system it's very hard to make a solid decision. Come to think of it, the Schiit reference system may be my default, go-to, recommendation for all the people that ask, what should I get? The price is low, the quality is high, and they may never need to purchase anything more expensive. Good Schiit indeed.”

    Overall it’s a very positive review, and if Schiit are marketing Vidar as Ultra high end without the price tag, then don’t be surprised if reviewers are going to compare Schiit gear to the likes of Constellation. I know if I was a reviewer I would! :)
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  3. Mike Foley

    No, it probably can’t. There are limits to even the most innovative technology. :)
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  4. Oveja Negra
    Bob Dylan is for sure one of the most horrid singer I've had the displeasure to listen to in my life. When I discovered him long time ago I was in shock (negative shock, of course). I said to myself "man, the dude is old as hell, you need to listen to his records when he was young", I did that and nope, the same crappy voice.

    To call him a great singer is to me, the equivalent of praising a guitar player whose intonation is off the entire time who also is sloppy and has a problem to follow the rhythm, just because you like his/her notes choice.

    I have no problem accepting Dylan is an amazing songwriter, but a great singer? not in a million years.
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  5. winders
    Folks that don't appreciate Dylan are the same folks that use music to listen to equipment instead of using equipment to listen to music.
  6. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Folks that do not like Mariah Carey are the same folks that use four-layered toilet paper.
    Always happy to throw around solid truths too.
  7. JoeWhip
    Winders, how does that possibly follow? He does not have much of a voice. His Sinatra album is plenty proof of that.
  8. AudioBear
    Oh, come on. That's too much of a generalization. I actually would have guessed it was the other way around.

    Opps my copy didn't work--this was in response to saying people who like Dylan listen to equipment not music
  9. Ableza
    I agree, that WAS a stupid f-ing comment.
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  10. Oveja Negra
    This is such a stupid comment that even fail to generate any controversy cause it's impossible to anyone to take it seriously. It's laughable at best, or at worst, or... ahh, I don't know.

    If your intent was to troll, you need to try harder, dude.
  11. Pandahead
    I always thought "poor Jenny, she has to live in Linda Ronstadt's shadow!"

    I never get tired of this album! ORT there is a vinyl reissue by Impex Records and it is superb. If you want terrific sounding vinyl this is it. Head and shoulders above the 20th Anniversary issue.

    Her voice is so much clearer than Dylan's!:gs1000smile:

    "Love Minus Zero/No Limit" that's song writing at it's best! The version with George Harrison from the Concert for Bangladesh benefit... don't get tired of Zimmy either....
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  12. liamo
    I love Bob Dylan but dislike Tom Waits, I’m so confused.
  13. Ableza
    Tom Waits is essential listening.
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  14. rkw
    Schiit does not claim to be ultra high end. It's Schiit fans (some on this forum) who make that comparison, and most of them probably never heard ultra high end systems.
  15. dmckean44
    The first line from the Vidar description:

    "Okay. Let’s blow up this high-end nonsense. Here’s your ultra-high-end amplifier, without the ultra-high-end price. Welcome to the revolution."

    Obviously tongue-in-cheek, but still.
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