Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

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  1. IndieGradoFan
    Great post. I've been using a Hifiberry Digi+ with Gungnir's BNC input for a few years. I often get a glitch when touching the case of the Gungnir -- just a click of the relay. Now I'm wondering if it's caused by the Hifiberry. I'd love to hear more reports comparing various RPi systems to microRendu + Gen5 USB or any other roon ready transport.
  2. leafy7382
    Just finished an "upgrade" to my RPi3/Hifiberry Digi+ Pro/Volumnio streamer into my Yggy. I added a 75ohm BNC socket to the PCB (had to wait for 5 week delivery at a min ordering of 10, so I have plenty left) and had a custom BNC cable made (Canare BNC connectors with Canare HD-SDI cable) along with @Baldr 's recommended Neutrik BNC -> AES converter. The result is very interesting.

    Both RCA/BNC-BNC sounded a bit grainy. This really stood out when listening to violin pieces like Theme from Schindler's List, or Zigeunerweisen by Mutter. In comparison, the BNC > AES connection was really smooth and coherent, there is no break off when the violin is played on different strings (low vs high). The BNC->AES connection also deepened the bass a great deal, the drum beats in Danzon No.2 is so much more enjoyable on the BNC/AES then either RCA/RCA or BNC/BNC.

    I might just go for a 502DAC to try out if AES -> AES could do better magic.
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  4. Charente
    I've been contemplating the recently launched RaspTouch DigiOne Network Streamer/Player to simplify my front-end currently feeding into the EITR/GMB/MJ2 ... it would provide me with a control nearer to the audio setup AND get rid of a couple of boxes/PS's in the process... also no USB, no computer and no WiFi. Judging by reports of the Allo DigiOne, which is used in the RaspTouch, I thought that this might provide a decent S/PDIF BNC signal straight into the GMB.

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  5. wink
    Or frogs........
    Just leave money....:ksc75smile:
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  6. Zojokkeli
    I've also recently become free of over six years of Pax Helena. Think I'll also have a drink or two on the weekend.
  7. kimbo
    thanks for the heads up. I hadn't seen this before. Very neat.
    I see that the case is available empty......if it had of been around when I put my dodad together I would have been tempted...but the timber finish of mine fits into our decor better and it takes up less space with the Pi attached directly to the rear of the screen.
  8. Charente
    @kimbo ... yes, if one is DIY inclined, the RaspTouch could be built from parts provided at a saving. It is a bit austere looking ... and there are are others like the Nativ VITA that are more attractive ... but at the price and if the SQ is good ... altho' if Schiit got into the Network Player market with a disrupter product, I'm sure that would be worthy of consideration. Unlikely tho' !!
  9. RCBinTN
    Please stay around, @OldRoadToad!
    Keep not deleting those posts...
    If you leave, we'll have to take up a collection for Pietro's Freya.
  10. DSNORD
    My Number 1 reason for urgently keeping up with this page has nothing to do with Schiit proper.

    It's being able to read ORT's thought provoking and humorous posts in time before he deletes them!!!

    Maybe they could be collected into their own thread:

    ORT Happens: The Story of Head-Fi's Most Improbable Poster
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  11. Oveja Negra
    Fixed for you :D
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  12. DSNORD
    50 points to Gryffindor for the correction!
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    If you had quoted them before they were deleted, there would have been a record of his toadishness....... :ksc75smile:

    Don't go Toad. I have a frog in my throat as I contemplate this sad state of affairs.
    Hop right back soon, as we would not wish to leap to conclusions of your whereabouts and welfare.
    Toad Hall will not be the same in your absence.
  14. wink
    OH, no.... ORT has just been incarcerated for imitating a frog. :triportsad:
    So, he's accused of making fake fake frog calls and has been rounded up in the dragnet as described below...... :ksc75smile:
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  15. earnmyturns
    I have both a microRendu+LPS-1 setup and an Allo USBridge. The difference, if any, is not much, but I need to find the time to do more tests with different downstream configurations to be sure. My wife hears a bit of an advantage for microRendu>USB>SU-1>I2S>Holo Spring over USBridge>USB>Eitr>coax>Holo Spring, but that could be from the different Spring inputs as others have pointed out. I should compare like with like, simply microRendu vs USBridge with a common downstream, but that means time and a a very patient wife (she hears better than me and she can judge without being influenced by what box is what).

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