Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up
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Somehow I could never imagine a Taco Truck with a sign that reads, "Schiit."

​I'd give it a try, if only to show my support for someone with a good sense of humor.
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This reminds me of when Mugatu told Zoolander he only had one look. What is the Norse word for 'magnum'?
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  It actually ended up being 96 hours--4 days. After the second day, I wasn't really hungry at all.
For those interested in this facet of my insanity, fasting releases HGH, helps reverse insulin resistance, and is supposed to reset the immune system (through clearing of senescent white blood cells). My fasting blood glucose has gone down significantly--from low-mid 90s to low-mid 80s--since the fast. Given this is related to overall health markers, I'd call it a success. However, it's not what I'd call a pleasant experience (not unpleasant, either--"disconcerting" is the best way to describe it.)
Intermittent fasting (eating only within a 4-6 hour window every day) also supposedly has some of the same benefits. I find the intermittent method really easy to do.
Standard disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, this isn't health advice, consult your own physician (mine thinks I am crazy--I think I scare him a little), and, most importantly, do what works for you. For example, I don't do well on keto diets, despite many people who do very well on them. I've also verified that I have no problem with gluten and dairy products, though there are certainly people that do (and it seems to be a fad right now to avoid both.)

Awesome to hear you fast, too! I am on Day 5 myself right now. If you haven't read it already, I recommend The Complete Guide to Fasting, by Jason Fung MD. Goes into the science of why it's so good for you (and busts the myths that it's not). 
(FWIW, my wife is an internist, and she doesn't bat an eye at my fasting.) 
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  Your Theta is 25 years old.  Technology has improved.  You're doing yourself a disservice by not spending that extra $150 on the multibit IMO, especially if $ isn't an issue.  To each his own I suppose.

If he never uses it, it doesn't really matter which one he gets....!  

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That is one of the best bits a have read in a while, i woulve reacted probally a bit harsher but i am bad at Anger Managment and Good at Swearing and Screaming.
I am trying out some Diets myself at the moment to improof my well beeing but you take it to another level with the self blood testing and all that, fascintaing how self controlled that whole nutrition thing can be if you make an real efford, pretty inspiering.
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(FWIW, my wife is an internist, and she doesn't bat an eye at my fasting.) 

That may say more about your relationship than your health?
j/k, couldn't resist 


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