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Schiit Fulla 2 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by xero1, Dec 7, 2016.
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  1. Ancipital
    Totally. I'm sure they'll make it good in the end, but I wouldn't pull the trigger right now.
  2. Saaki
    Has anyone tested them with Android phones or tablets?
  3. Ancipital
    No luck with any of my Android devices, either. I'm guessing I have duff units, though.
  4. HipHopScribe
    They make a good combo, the Fulla 2 gives them a little more energy, they sound a bit less laid back than with my M-Stage 
  5. Saaki
    Well thats a bit of a bummer... although I was hoping to mostly use it with with my 2012 MacBook Pro, it really would be nice if it could work with my phone as well. I've been wanting an all-in-one DAC/AMP solution for my desk at home and this seems perfect for my JBL LSR305 monitors as well as giving my headphones a bit more power. Is there any way they could fix the iPhone/Android issues via software/firmware updates, or is it most likely a hardware thing?
  6. rkw

    Haha, some manufacturers would claim that they carefully evaluated different materials, size and number of feet, and this was the best sounding configuration!
  7. Jammin72
    Works fine with my Galaxy S7E.  Don't even need the power cable plugged in to report no current draw.  Using the OTG adapter that came with the phone.   I did notice a few segments of noise while listening to some 24/192 files from either Poweramp or Foobar but I'm guessing it's internal phone interference.  Once I put it in plane mode, I didn't experience any issues.   Also it was only a couple of spots out of two full performances so no complaints there out of a phone.  It's also working quite well with a Chromebook FWIW.  Been working through some "Stereophile Records to Die For"  HD Tracks to listen to the gear. The increased dynamic range, complexity of the instrumentation, and the ability to listen to spacial cues attacks and delay, make it much easier to do some evaluation vs a compressed rock or pop track.
  8. Jammin72
    "We found that triangles greatly decreased poor third order harmonics and the resulting footprint provides the listener with playback much truer to the actual recording."
  9. earache Contributor
    Same here. Wanted something for the desktop to be sourced from iPhone/iPad that was powered. Doesn't look like this is the answer.
  10. FrivolsListener
    I'll wait as well.  The USB chip is tried-n-true.  I'm hoping this is a firmware goof/fix that can be pushed via their web site.
    However, no point in speculating until they know something.
  11. rkw
    OTG didn't provide enough power to drive the original Fulla. Could this be the case also for Fulla 2 (for most devices)?
  12. harpo1
    I tried powering the fulla 2 then plugging the OTG cable into my phone but it didn't work.  I have several other usb otg devices and don't have any issues so I'm pretty sure the problem is with the fulla 2.
  13. AudioBear
    I just tried Fulla 2 with my MacBook Pro Touch. It works fine.  Just go to System Preferences> Sound>Output and select "I'm Fulla &%(&"
    It also works on the iPhone but you must have an Apple Camera adaptor or equivalent. See:
    I have a FiiO L-19 adaptor (http://www.ebay.com/itm/L19-Lightning-to-Micro-USB-Audio-Adapter-Cable-for-FiiO-E17K-E18-Q1-iPhone-5-6S-/381563306483)
    The problem is that Apple has protected the USB port on iPhones and iPads in a way that requires a connector with an ID chip in it.
    There is a long discussion of alternative adaptors and what this is all about over at the Mojo forum http://www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-dac-amp-faq-in-3rd-post in the 3rd post.  Mojo users have the same problems.
    Apple has made it hard for everyone once again.  My first brand new adaptor cable that I bought from the Apple Store was defective and I couldn't get my Mojo to work.  I finally tracked the problem down after much pain and Apple send me a replacement that worked.
    The connection can be flakey as well.  Give it 20-30 seconds and if it doesn't work, reboot your I-device.  That should do it if you have a valid cable.  The various vendors who sell alternative USB camera adaptor cables are said to be buying cables from Apple and repacking the essential chip in different wiring and connectors.
    PM me if you can't get your Fulla 2 to work with iDevices.  It definitely does work.
    Edit: I did have the Fulla connected to a power adaptor.  I suspect it will advise you that this device does not work with your I-device if it isn't plugged in....
  14. Ancipital
    No, the problem is hardware faults on some units. Schiit themselves have now confirmed this.
    bosiemoncrieff likes this.
  15. harpo1
    Do you have a link to this confirmation?  Also does this apply to android devices?
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