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Schiit Fulla 2 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by xero1, Dec 7, 2016.
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  1. HipHopScribe
    SomeTechNoob likes this.
  2. SomeTechNoob
    Seems a bit schiity, but considering the size I think it should be okay?
    But seriously, it's probably a penny to add another foot.  Oh well.
  3. HipHopScribe
    After some shipping delays (original estimate was this past Saturday), I finally received my Schiit earlier today. I'm hesitant to make any sort of conclusion so soon, I haven't really put it through the paces yet, and there's always the danger of new equipment excitement coloring opinion early on, but I'm very impressed so far, especially at this price point. 
    My original intention in buying this was to have an easily transportable solution for travel with my laptop and also to replace my Aune T1 on DAC-only duties at home, running to my M-Stage HPA1. That plan might be changing. Again, early impressions, but I'm immediately noticing more detail, improved bass impact and better separation on my Edition S and especially on my Nighthawks with the Fulla 2 alone compared to the M-Stage + Fulla 2 (or T1 for that matter). I'll need more time and I'll need to see how it handles my HD6XX's when they arrive, but I might stick with the Fulla 2 alone while I save up for an amp upgrade (Jot?). 
    One thing is clear, this is a real steal and one of the best deals in this price range 
  4. tjc303
    Based on the image, I'd guess it has three feet as to not cover the screw.
  5. NemoReborn
    Do you guys knows if the fulla 2 could drive dt990 250 ohm well ???
  6. Tunkejazz
    I just need a dac for my desktop amp...the question is whether I will notice any difference between the Modi-2 (USB) and the Fulla-2. I can take the latter on trips...Probably I won't notice any difference :)
  7. Jammin72
    It could certainly. 
  8. NemoReborn

    Cause it says 40 mw at 300 ohm. !? I dont know if its good or not
  9. earache Contributor
    Has anyone confirmed the iPhone/cck does in fact work and sound ok with this?
  10. Jacobh
    Schiit's product FAQ says it works if you use the secondary power port.
  11. HipHopScribe
  12. Jammin72
    Don't get caught up in the idea that more power is the deciding factor in quality.  As long as the amplifier has enough power to deliver the required volume without clipping it's doing it's job power wise.  The Fulla 2 will give you enough clean power on the DT990's to cause permanent hearing damage without clipping or distorting.  The low impedance output of the Fulla 2 combined with the higher impedance of the DT990's mean there is more than enough control for those headphones to sound as the manufacturer intended with headroom left over. It's really hard to look at a spec sheet and know what something is going to sound like but the specs here are well within what you need for the DT990 250.
  13. JohnBal
    How well does the Fulla 2 drive your NightHawks?
    It sure looks nice!
  14. Ancipital
    I have two units, neither work with my iPad (9.7 pro, iOS 10.xx, standard Lightning CCK). They both fail in slightly different ways, but neither works with the iPad, even when the Fulla is powered. Both work fine with Windows. There appears to be an issue with some of them.
  15. Jacobh

    That's a bummer as Schiit suggests it should work and it's one of the main reasons I was considering the Fulla 2.
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