Schiit Fulla 2 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by xero1, Dec 7, 2016.
  1. Jimster480
    Depends on how long you have had it.
  2. maheeinfy
    Its under warranty if that's what you were referring to
  3. SomeTechNoob
    Currently living with it since this is my third fulla 2 unit and I don't feel like testing my luck with a third rma.
  4. Left Channel

    Even if you don't want to send the Fulla back, you do not have to live with that noise:

    That worked for the guy I was helping with the above posts.
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  5. maheeinfy
    Looks like some posts got deleted...:triportsad:
  6. ptaaty
    BLUF - wished I did this sooner - almost the perfect design for my use, fixed all my PC sound issues, adds convenience and features, top notch sound, build quality stellar. Used with Fidelio L2 and X2.

    *edit* - tried the Fulla 2 with my work laptop, A/B vs onboard was an instantaneous OMG!...huge improvement noticed. I almost couldn't bring myself to bring it back home. Added a bit of detail below...but onboard was the muted woolly equivalent of a nasty cold vs Fulla 2 being at my peak.

    Random ramblings/impressions:
    After much debate I pulled the trigger. My Fulla 2 arrived a couple days ago. First addressing the typical "issues" Build quality superb, no marks, knob is a centered as I can see even "looking for an issue" nothing. No scratchy, nothing. USB ports are tight, but better tight than loose. With low impedance and high level input, you can tell slight channel imbalance at the very bottom. Absolutely not an issue for me as it is well below listening level and can be adjusted with a minor drop in input (aka lower windows a bit).

    Other thoughts - I had been using my friend Magni and loved the volume knob...Fulla 2 blows it away due to size, feels smoother and more precise. Overall design and features practically "custom made" for my needs. Lets me have one digital connection in from PC, always on volume knob for the headphones and a fixed out put to the speakers (self amped). Easy to swtich if kids in / gaming with them or wife wants to fuss. Half the size of the Magni - but denser, very solid.

    Sound, the clicks/pops from the onboard are gone, nice clean noise floor. Sounds quite a bit better than the onboard (realtek ALC892) whether direct or through Magni amp. Better than the Earforce ESS to Magni. Overall tonality sounds like the Magni 1 and from what I remember my friends Schitt stack 2.

    I do have a LG V10 which has ESS Sabre 9018C2M digital to analog converter chip inside, as well as an ESS 9602C headphone amplifier to allow quick A/B (toggle enabled). The V10 is a heck of a solid setup for portable use and moderate how does it compare? Well they sound different, regardless of volume. I guess I was really thinking the sound would be tonally about the same and the differences would be on higher volume / bass control / minor special clarity, etc.

    The Fulla 2 sounds larger / bigger soundstage by a bit, most notably it also resolves more detail...I hear little mixing errors, fine detail and the like. The extra power is also immediately evident when I start driving mid to higher volumes with heavier bass content. The V10 sounds a bit smoother with rough content...can't decide why, the Fulla 2 could be just resolving more, perhaps is tuned a bit brighter, perhaps is a byproduct of very low output impedance with lowish headphone impedance. In my experience, higher output impedance in low impedance drivers tilts sound with a fuller sound / more bassy...but it is looser / muddier.

    On the L2 the bottom line is the fulla 2 is better all around no caveat. On the X2 the Fulla 2 is better on any technical description I could give...but when dealing with brighter / poor recordings, the fulla 2 with the X2's upper end light grain can be a bit less pleasing to me than the slight muting/veil the V10 puts on.

    *Edit* added A/B results for work laptop, driving Fidelio L1s. I did some A/B against the work laptop on board. The improvement was almost absurd. Onboard sounds thick and woolly in comparison, lacking all detail, specially collapsed. If your onboard sound implementation is anything at all of this quality you will be absolutely floored by the Fulla 2./end edit.

    So I said almost "custom made" for me? Well - my perfect world recommendations for Fulla 3: slightly looser USB openings, cut the aluminum to allow a bit more space on the rear ports...not an issue for me, but limits to smaller connectors, add a rear line-in...we've run out of room but an optical in with 192 support. Maybes: switch with dim LED (I'll take Fulla 2 set up over the Magni bright LED). All the things I listed outside minor aluminum chassis tweaks would cause cost increase or removal of a port I like more....

    Recommended? Heck ya. Unless you have hard to drive cans, I would probably skip the Magni / Modi and go up a level. Once my friend gets his HD6XX in, we'll try an A/B with a Magni/Modi 2 stack, adding in some other cans like some modded Hifiman HE-400 and a few others. I have some IEMs (Shure E4s, RHA 750), Grado SR80 if anyone wants impressions with those.
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  7. VinylDan1
    I have upgraded to a Magni3/Modi Multibit stack, and while the sound quality is better for sure, I do like the design of the Fulla2 better, especially the volume knob. The knob on the Magni3 has much more resistance, and the close placement to the headphone jack makes it even more difficult to make adjustments. The knob on my Fulla2 is smooth as glass and never gave me any issues. I am actually still using the Fulla2 in my setup, since it has a fixed output I am using it as a DAC for my JBL Duet speakers along side the stack for my headphones.
  8. Anantgaur
    I am sorry but that is all because of Fulla 2 is terrible. Try using a powered USB hub or Powered OTG HOST. You need it for this piece of schiit. I recently got too fed up with the Fulla 2 being of terrible quality. I can't say much more about the problem because Schiit likes to ignore it and pretty much me saying anything against them gets me shat on everywhere else on the internet.
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  9. Anantgaur
    Also, you may have to use a usb2.0 port. The Fulla keeps taking power from USB3.0 even when plugged in otherwise. It's very odd how it behaves with usb 3.0 and 2.0

    Schiit very recently added a guide on usb problems on their website that obscurely mentions it.
  10. ptaaty
    What problem? Fulla is working well for me.

    *edit* - I continue to be impressed with this thing. Did a very quick A/B with my friends modi 2 / magni 2 Uber stack...pushing HE-400 (the originals) which are fairly hard to drive. He was switched to low-gain, and the Fulla 2 was basically comparable to the levels I cared to listed to for more than a minute. Low gain on the Uber 2 was very similar to Fulla 2 for dial position.

    I'd need more time to really nail down the weaknesses...but with a limited data set, even with harder to drive cans, they sounded extremely similar.
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  11. heikis
    My Fulla2 is connected to a phone charger and is also connected to the USB3 port on my laptop's dock (T460s). For some reason when I connect some other device to the dock's USB3 port, the DAC disconnects (and windows 10 reports a problem with USB device). There is no such problem when connecting a USB device straight to the laptop itself. At the moment I don't know if this is caused by the dock, fulla2 or windows 10.
    Otherwise Im almost happy with my Fulla2- I do have a scratchy pot- I might try lubing the pot with suggested contact cleaner. I have had the Fulla2 for about a month, got it brand new from
  12. wantan
    Mine is working great, using it with a HD579 for watching movies but it's also very entertaining for music. Even with a good HD650 setup in the other room.
    The only downside is slight noise when the volume pot it turned but this happens with all minipots.
  13. heikis
    Well I bought some contact cleaner spray, sprayed the potentiometer with it, rotated the knob and no more static noise when adjusting volume. A cheap fix, did not bother doing the RMA.
  14. Roman Johnston
    I just did the same and the results were the same as well. Just pull the knob off, spray the shaft...rotate a few to work it in and Viola!!! No more noise. MUCH easier than RMA roulette. FYI I have had more than Schiit electronics with this issue. It is not uncommon. I invested in a small spray bottle (link below)....super easy.
  15. SomeTechNoob
    Does the knob just pull straight off?

    I was going to send it in to schiit this week, but if some contact cleaner is a guaranteed fix versus testing the RMA procedure(and having to pay shipping as well), I'd take contact cleaner.

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