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Schiit Fulla 2 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by xero1, Dec 7, 2016.
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  1. AudioBear

    OK, then there are two problems.  It would be very helpful if apple opened up the USB connection like Android systems.  I just wanted to make sure that people didn't get the impression that Fulla 2 is a no-go with I-Devices.
  2. Ancipital
    It should be fine with both most Android and Apple devices in general when these problems are squashed.
  3. Jacobh
    I emailed Schiit support to ask if the Fulla 2 supports iOS devices because there seem to be multiple people having issues (without referencing any specific threads). They replied pretty quickly saying it did support iOS devices.  So if they have acknowledged something privately to individuals it sounds like it's either limited to a subset of bad units (that they expect to have to replace) or something they can address quickly via a firmware update.
  4. AudioBear
    Hold it on my last post.  I just tried with no power adaptor and it didn't work.  I plugged the power adaptor back in and it didn't work.  I cannot get it to work with either the Apple Camera Adaptor or the FiiO cable.  Don't know why since it worked fine before.,,,
    Sorry for the false alarm.   Maybe Fulla 2 does have a problem with i-Devices.
  5. FrivolsListener
    (Note the freshly updated status).
  6. Saaki
    Did you plug in the power before the iPhone? I read something about needing to plug in the power first or else it won't report in the same way. 
  7. AudioBear

    Yes I plugged in the power before the iPhone.  I also unplugged and plugged it in again between each test so that it would reset itself to the start-up state (who knows if this is necessary).
  8. harpo1
    Thanks.  It appears some parts fell off during the manufacturing of the device.  I sent them an email.  Hopefully they'll get this all sorting out soon.
  9. Jammin72
    Yikes, I'm giving this as a gift to an iOS only user.  Hope it'll not need a return.
  10. XERO1
    Why they didn't have a Schiitload of the Fulla 2's QC'ed, ready, and waiting for shipment before the announcement was made, I will never understand.  I mean, come on, guys! [​IMG]
  11. FrivolsListener
    They may have worked before they got placed in the washing machine that is many delivery services.
  12. XERO1
    Maybe that should be part of their QC then.  Put a ready-to-ship product in an actual washing machine for 24hrs and see if anything breaks! [​IMG]
  13. earache Contributor
    Parts fell off.... wow.
  14. Jacobh
    People make mistakes.  From all accounts they did testing with iOS, so it's possible this issue was introduced after their initial testing.  The most important thing is they acknowledged the issue reasonably quickly for these types of reports and stopped selling the product.  
    They could have just continued to sell it as is expecting people who don't use it with an iOS device wouldn't complain and they could send a replacement to anyone who did.  Instead they are containing the problem, being transparent about when it will be fixed and hopefully taking care of anyone who got a bad unit.  That doesn't seem terrible to me and a better response than I've seen from many other companies.
    FrivolsListener likes this.
  15. bigro
    There have been bigger recalls of other Products That actually can kill people like brake failures, steering failures and air bags braking people faces and exploding phones and etc etc... It Happens in any and everything that's built en mass.  It sucks but no ones going to get hurt, lets give them a Chance to figure it out.
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