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  1. oAmadeuso
    Anyone used this site to ship to the UK?
    Placed an order Sunday and still marked "This order has not yet been shipped."
    If others have used them then i'll just be more patient but not had a response to an email querying when it's going to be shipped.
    Would have gone with the official UK distributor but didn't know about them at the time, just googled schiit and Schiit Europe looked like an official part of the American Schiit site.
    Please tell me I haven't given nearly £500 to a phishing site :frowning2:
    I know the Offical US site has a good rep and I am by no means trying to impune that side of things.
    Looks like I may have been getting worried too soon, got an email last night saying it'll be shipping today.
    Interestingly it was at 9:30 so either Schiit sales are handled in the US or the Dutch team are burning the midnight oil!
  2. Textfeud
    I've purchased there before, it's legit. 
  3. moriez
    Yup, me too. Hang on. Should be allright.
    oAmadeuso likes this.
  4. oAmadeuso
    Yeah i've got a shipping number now so looks like it's all happening.
    You know what it's like, spend loads of money on a new toy and don't hear anything for a couple of days you start to wonder!
    moriez likes this.
  5. Rob1974
    Fantastic website and a really fast service.
  6. marflao
    Does anybody know how they deal with issue related devices (which are still under warranty)?
    Will they repair them in their own shop (or via a partner in their area) or will they ship the devices to Schiit US?

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