Schiit Eitr impression and USB-SPDIF converters discussion

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by ScareDe2, Jul 23, 2017.
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  1. pichu
    wow i cant believe i read it wrong too. my apologies. But thank you for this!
  2. decodm
    Quick question: I got my Eitr this week, so I've been using with a cheapo SPDIF coaxial cable I had lying around (because I can't get a decent cable locally, and the brazilian postal service is even crappier than usual around christmas, so I didn't want to take any chances ordering online). Can the cheap cable be hindering Eitr's performance/connection in any way? I'm not suggesting it is, it's just that I've never used it with a good cab;e, so I have no point of reference... (My setup is USB out of an old iMac, into Eitr-> Modi Multibit->Magni 2 Uber-> HD 650s
  3. exdmd
    Hard to tell. I am using a Blue Jeans 75 ohm S/PDIF cable to my DAC at the moment. I have a trick digital cable coming in from Mad Scientist I will report on when it gets here,

    My experience so far with the Eitr is best connect it direct to your source don't use a powered hub and USB cables really do make a difference. I am using an AudioQuest Diamond USB right now, a solid silver conductor cable that is well worth the cost.
  4. wasupdog
    i'm using an audioquest coffee. it definitely makes a difference to the sound.
  5. jodokus
    The purest way to use the Eitr is through Asio or Wasapi (prefer Asio) and use the JRiver WDM driver for playback outside JRiver. All other options are inferior and don't use the full
    potential of the Eitr (in my opinion). The only drawback is that Schiit doesn't supply a dedicated Asio driver and you have to use the generic one in Windows. This driver is not completely
    stable and gives me glitches ones in a while (compared to the Yellowtec PUC2 dedicated driver). Does anybody share this problem?
  6. jseymour
    My issue is different, but possibly related. I have a glitch only when I use MusicBee with Wasapi on initial play, the playback warbles. The solution is to select a track, let it play for a second, then select another track and the problem goes away. If I don't select another track, which forces a stopping of play, the warble will continue from song to song until the selection is done playing. The problem disappears on my next play selection.

    This does not happen when I use MusicBee with ASIO or with other music players, such as Foobar and PlayPcmWin all with Wasapi. The Eitr replaced a Yellowtec PUC2 which did not have this problem, but it was bested by the Eitr.

    So I think it is not just the driver, but how the music player interacts with it. I haven't had any stability issues with ASIO, but the googling I have done on Wasapi vs. ASIO seems to favor Wasapi over ASIO. Maybe that is only because Wasapi is newer and newer must be better.
  7. decodm
    Look who decided to light up:

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  8. winders
    The Eitr lights up ONLY when it has power on the USB input.
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  9. skyline315
    Don't sweat cables too much. PYST cables from Schiit or Blue Jeans Cables are all you need. If you're going to spend $300 or $600 on usb cables as suggested above, you'd be better off putting that money towards better gear.

    I only use WASAPI through Foobar and haven't had any issues. Windows 10 picked it up just fine.
  10. Puma Cat
    Better USB cables, e.g. the Audioquest Diamond and Cofffe make a considerable difference. When I was first started using digital devices, I used some good, but not great USB cables from Kimber (Silver) and Audioquest (Carbon). Originally, I didn't think, that with digital signals, a higher specification USB or SPDIF cable should make a difference, but much to my surprise, in listening tests with four individuals present, they did. Virtually every person agreed on the improvements and the degree of improvement. I eventually bought used Audioquest Diamaond and Coffee USB cables for my high-resolution Conrad-Johnson loudspeaker system and they improved the sound quailty from my digital source considerably. As did the Shunyata 75 ohm digital coax RCA SPDIF cable for my Eitr. Its not sublte; anyone can hear the improvements these cables bring. As for what people should spend their money on, its for each person to decide what creates a value proposition for them when it comes to audio gear. If you were to ask Wasupdog, I would bet you breakfast that he's not giving up his Audioquest Coffee USB cable. For me, the Audioquest Diamond/Coffee cables made such a significant improvement, that buying them used for 50% off retail was a value propostion for me.

    Oh, and BTW, what makes even more difference are aftermarket power cables e.g. Shunyata.
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  11. Puma Cat
    Thats a cool little rack for your Schiit-stack. Who makes it and where did you get it?
  12. Marlowe
    I have the Eitr powered and turned on 24/7, but the LED lights only when my laptop is active.
  13. decodm
    My brother in law does woodworking, so I had him make me this little rack (it’s not actually wood, though. It’s MDF)
  14. winders
    Again, the Eitr lights up ONLY when it has power on the USB input.
  15. decodm
    I’ve had mine on since Monday, but only today the LED turned on...
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