Schiit Eitr impression and USB-SPDIF converters discussion

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by ScareDe2, Jul 23, 2017.
  1. decodm
    Oh, yeah. When I bought my Modi multibit it was shipped super fast. My doubts were really just about when stuff is backordered
  2. Architeuthis
    Schiit should give you a discount after so many purchases.
  3. Ableza
    If you compare their price to performance ratio compared to most other options, they already do. :)
  4. Marlowe
    FWIW, I've placed four orders with Schiit in the last year (including an Eitr in August), generally in the early morning on the East Coast (so pre-dawn for Schiit). I think all shipped later the same day; perhaps one shipped the next morning.
  5. ohcrapgorillas
    Finally got my Eitr yesterday! It's being paired with a Modi Multibit. Amps are Magni 3 and Bottlehead Crack, headphones are HD800 with SDR and Anax mods.

    First off, I have a gripe with Schiit. When I took the thing out of the box, I noticed that something was loose inside of the case and rattling around. My heart immediately sank, I have been waiting for the Eitr since early October and now I'd have to send it back for repairs.

    "No, **** that" I thought (I was extremely overcaffeinated). I opened up the case and found a tiny capacitor that had come off the PCB and was rattling around inside the cage. I can solder, so I put the capacitor back in myself. I realize this probably voids the warranty, but I have already waited TWO MONTHS to get the goddamn thing, I was NOT about to wait another three weeks to ship the thing back, have it inspected, and wait for another one to ship out. No ****ing way. Anyway, I was able to solder the capacitor back on--not the prettiest soldering job I've ever done, but it works.

    And oh my, it works. I feel like I'm listening to a completely different system, to be honest. Separation and soundstage are greatly improved, weight and body is beautiful, everything is much more coherent. Resolution is notably improved to the point where metal vocals sound much more coherent and understandable (this is no small feat). The sound is still clearly digital, but much less harsh. I give this thing one enthusiastic thumbs up.

    This also makes me wonder what I'm missing out on by using the USB input on my Chord Mojo. I have considered getting a FiiO X5 or X7 as a coaxial source (nothing less than something running on Android OS as a source), but it'll have to wait until I can afford one. Since phone makers are getting rid of the 1/8" jack, I don't suppose there's much hope that we'll get native SPDIF output on our phones anytime soon lol

    Bonus pic of the stack with a Wyrd. I realize Eitr makes the Wyrd pointless, but why not have the stack be as high as possible? (i've since taken it out)[​IMG] [​IMG]

    edit: lol holy **** I can't get an image to upload. **** it. here's the link

    also forgot that head-fi ****ing censors bad words ****ing lmao

    edit 2: got it [​IMG]
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  6. Delirious Lab
    Even this? :L3000:
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  7. ohcrapgorillas
    LOL are you kidding? Michael Akerfeldt has THE clearest and most coherent growl vocals I have ever heard. It's so easy to understand him!

    Try something more like this...

    I love this band despite their retrospectively unfortunate name (they broke up in 2009). Glad I never bought any band shirts. The music is absolutely gorgeous, especially some of their later albums, but the vocals are notoriously incoherent. It's more of a bark than a growl. I swear it took me like 20 listens of their album 'Oceanic' before I could understand a single word of the vocals ("water").

    As my setup has gotten progressively better and better, his vocals get closer and closer to being distinguishable as actual words. It's actually a good way to test a system's resolve, if you're able to make it through the whole song. The Eitr has made a MAJOR improvement on that front.
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  8. decodm
    Today it's still "the week of December 8th", so here's to hoping it will ship today!
  9. sovereign
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  10. davide256
    still at 60 days back then for the two who have received orders... I guess next week we find out how far in they can bring the backlog.
  11. davide256
    Oh, in the FWIW column, when I log in to the Schiit site to check order, what it shows for order status is "Eitr", has since Nov 5th. I'm presuming this is what they use for backordered, but not having ordered from Schitt before I am curious if this updates when they ship, anyone know?
  12. alpovs
    When they ship you will get an email. I found their order status is meaningless.
  13. decodm
    It does update. My previous order shows the tracking number in that field/space.
  14. TheGame21x
    Welp, no shipment for me this week. Yaaaaaayyyyyy...
  15. decodm
    Same here (unless they ship on Saturdays, who knows)

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