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Schiit Decrapifier released - USB power isolator

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by ckyr, Jun 25, 2014.
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  1. mordante
    Did some more listening (Mozart requiem, by Carl Bohm, by far the best version IMHO).
    Too be honest the change in SQ is minor, could even be zero. I think that the music sound more coherent better flow, for lack of words. What I nocticed most that its less tiring to listen to the music. When I play LP's I can listen for hours. With streaming after about an hour I stop.
  2. plonter
    I have the modi2/magni2 uber stack  + wyrd.  first I got the wyrd for using with the Dragonfly which is fully usb powered, imo the wyrd is a must in this case.  With the modi uber I still have decided to use the wyrd to get the best possible usb signal although it is powered from linear power supply of its own,
    but as I understood the usb recieving chip is still fed from the power coming from the usb. 
    I personally got the wyrd for the reasons you mentioned. Imo 100$ for assuring that the usb signal is adequate is really not a lot, and even necessary if you are asking me.
    I simply don't trust my cheap laptop's usb.
  3. plonter
    I have another question: in case I decide to invest in a better usb cable ,I assume it is pointless to put it between the pc and the wyrd? instead using it between the wyrd and the dac..  or else get two usb cables and use them both, but if it is totally pointless to have good usb cable between the pc and wyrd than it is just a waste of money.
  4. Hansotek
    That's what I would think. I don't know, maybe there's some benefit to having a better cable between the source and wyrd, but it seems a safe bet that you'd see the most benefit between the wyrd and the DAC.
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  5. kodger
    I ended up buying a better cable for both sides
  6. freedom01
    Just received my wryd + pyst usb and extra valhalla2 tubes today.
    Can attest to that subtle yet noticeable difference on wryd. Definitely no placebo.
    The leds seemed much brighter.
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  7. Krutsch
  8. Mojo777
    Hey my Wyrd arrives today. Are you guys putting it at the beginning or end of the chain? I have to run a 15ft USB cable between the  DAC and the Mac. I guess I can experiment but was wondering...
  9. RickB
    Goes between computer and DAC.
    ETA: You might have problems with such a long USB cable. Schiit recommends two meters or less (shorter is better). They say you should run long RCA cables between the DAC and amp preferably over using a long USB.
  10. Mojo777
    Cool - I agree on a long run RCA cable but I don't want my OPPO on my desk but rather on the audio rack.
  11. plonter
    15ft is really long!  not recommended.  The ideal is 3ft or less imo (this is what I am using - two identical 0.9M cables) and not more than 2M if you don't have a choice.
    Long rca cables beween the dac and amp will just unpure the signal,the shorter the better, schiit PYST 6" rca is ideal, but if you don't have a choice I wouldn't go for more than 1M interconnect myself.
  12. Mojo777
    My desk with my mac is on the opposite side of the room and I don't want to have the OPPO sitting there when everything else is on the audio cabinet. You can see the USB cable running towards my desk on the left. The Wyrd so far has solved my biggest problem and that is connecting when woken up from sleep. recognizes it every time. I use the GO 1000 for moving around the house listening.
  13. takato14
    no, it reclocks the digital to get rid of the (frequent) issues that happen with USB audio (random cut-outs, pops, timing issues, etc)
    it cleans the power input, its secondary function is basically being a miniature power conditioner for USB powered devices, which can improve noise floor and sometimes performance when the DAC in question doesn't have a PSU that is up to the task on it's own (lots of cheap USB sources are this way)
  14. plonter
    Wyrd is probably the most efficient product I have ever got. IMO it is a must for a usb powered DAC to get the maximum out of it.
  15. Armaegis
    I've had this really strange behaviour from my Wyrd and was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar or has an idea what might be going on.
    My dac: Echo2usb, it's a 2in/4out device, usb-powered but does also have an external psu that can be used
    I got the wyrd and put it between my laptop and dac (feeding monoblocks), external psu was not used as I figured the power from wyrd would be better. Everything runs fine for a week, the whole time I'm only using the balanced outputs to my monoblocks.
    Then one day I try plugging into the headphone jack on the Echo and poof the whole thing goes down. Wyrd lights are on, but the dac is dead. I unplug the headphone but the echo doesn't boot up, it only blinks intermittently. Plug the headphones in, lights go out. Unplug, lights blink but doesn't boot fully.
    I try the wyrd with a couple other usb-powered dacs and they are fine (Nuforce uDac3, Focusrite Saffire 6 (another prosumer device)).
    I try the Echo on its own and it works fine (using both the balanced outputs and headphone jack).
    Echo + external psu is good.
    Echo + external psu + wyrd is good.
    Echo + wyrd again... nope, still weird blinky lights.
    I contacted Schiit but they aren't sure what it could be.
    I feel it's likely a problem wth the dac... but then why does the dac still work on its own without issue?
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