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Schiit Bifrost w/USB

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  1. Uchiya
    For Sale
    Recently bought, 2nd hand.  No blemishes on top or sides but there are minor scratches on the bottom..  Selling for $325+shipping.  Trying to fund an Audio-GD purchase.  Please have feedback and verified paypal and a comfirmed address or I won't ship.  Thanks for looking.
    *Not looking for trades.  Price is firm.*
  2. wavetool
    Can you post pictures of the Lyr? Particularly of the USB port, please.
  3. ilikepooters
    Yes, I'm intrigued to see the USB port of a Lyr. [​IMG]
  4. Uchiya
    Ooops, Title Fixed.
  5. cizx
    Assuming this is a Gen 1 usb bifrost and not one of the newer ones?
  6. Uchiya
    *Back on Sale*
    That is correct!  1st gen USB.
  7. SeanDavid010
    PM Sent
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