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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. StanD
    Headhones and speakers make the big difference, the rest is small in comparison, unless one got a piece of bad kit. Perhaps some people are hearing things that are not really happening or just don't understand what human percepitve limits are. Our limits of JDD make a lot of this stuff a bit on the silly side. Headphones and loudspeakers produce far more distortion and have issues with FR that one will not find in amps and DACs and that is reality. Of course I'm not forcing anyone to believe, one can think as they wish.
  2. Sam21
    StanD is talking about diminishing return, and it is true. When I upgraded from motherboard soundcard to the HIFImeDIY Sabre DAC, I noticed a huge difference: better defined soundstage, sharper sound, more detail and clarity. After that when I upgraded to a more HIFI DAC I realized that there were differences but like the differences were subtle and not night and day.
  3. StanD
    And then finally we have kit that exceeds our abilities to perceive. With the advances in technology this is no longer all that dificult to achieve. We on the otherhand cannot evolve fast enough. Something to ponder.
  4. JP1992
    I agree with diminishing returns, however if you, Sam, upgraded to your HIFImeDIY Sabre DAC, perhaps a budget choice with your current setup, then spent double on a more expensive DAC, if you did not also upgrade the rest of your components, imho you'd not experience a revelation. If you have £200 speakers new for example, a £200-£400 DAC would suffice. But spending £10,000 on a Naim DAC would not achieve x100 the performance of a cheaper DAC. However, £10,000 DAC and £10,000 speakers would be better matched to notice any subtle changes. It's like putting Premium unleaded petrol in an 18-wheeler. Hardly going to notice any significant engine performance improvements. However if you added Premium unleaded to a Bugatti Veyron, that extra spending might be justified and the benefits more noticeable.
  5. Sam21
    Some headphones(any tier) would benefit alot from more expensive DAC/AMPs while some as you say would not. A general statement like that cannot be made unless you test every single headphone with every single DAC/AMP. That's what makes this hobby interesting, you can try out different combinations and choose the equipment that you like.
  6. StanD
    Perhaps a better understanding of the technology and human perception might make you think otherwise. For the most part Electronics has far surpassed our ability to perceive and also produces far less distortion and has a flatter response than either headphones, IEMs or loudspeakers. For example, we cannot tell the difference between 0.01% or 0.001% THD. That 0.01% number is generous.
  7. AugustusZab
    Hi. I'm seriously considering buying the uber - all the bells and whistles, I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into using it with an Onkyo A-9010? Does the bifrost play nice with other brand amps? I bought the Onkyo as a last minute bid on ebay, new for $350[NZD]. I then realised to my dismay that the New Zealand version [as with the UK version - I think] does not come with an inclusive DAC like the U.S. version. Enter the Schiit Bifrost Uber. I'm enjoying the Onkyo but the highs are a little sharp at times and I'm hoping the Uber can round this off somewhat and maybe make the music a little fuller. I'm not expecting miracles, just a more rounded listening experience. I'll be listening to this with my only pair of headphones [don't laugh], Phillips Fidellio X1. I may buy Senn HD 650 in the near future. Thanks in advance, any replies are much appreciated.
  8. sheldaze
    Nothing wrong with the X1 headphones - IIRC it has good reviews on InnerFidelity, described a balanced sound.
    I think the Uber is a great choice for a DAC! It should mate well with your setup, providing a non-fatiguing sound, highly detailed sound.
    I think the best reason, though, for getting a Schiit DAC (Bifrost, Gungir, or Yggdrasil) is to get on the upgrade path. This is particularly true for the Bifrost. The initial release (non-Uber) came with an analog section that was not so great. Enter the Uber upgrade, with parts from the Gungnir lineup. And next to trickle down should be a DAC chip upgrade to R2R, which in my opinion is where the magic will really open your ears.
    Note: I do not own the Audio-GD DAC-19 or Emotiva DC-1. The comments below are based upon careful reading through these threads, and basis of personal opinion on comparable DAC that I do own, which are the Arcam irDAC and Gungnir Multibit.
    So my question to you, what's the shipping like from New Zealand back to the states? Are you planning to purchase today and continue to send back to Schiit headquarters future upgrades? If yes, the Bifrost is a fantastic option! Otherwise, for a single-ended R2R DAC, the Audio-GD DAC-19 is a good deal to get everything today. Last, if you're not interested in the R2R pathway, I still think there are better deals to be had, such as the Emotiva DC-1, which is considered "state of the present" in terms of D-S DAC options.
    So in short, if you plan to take advantage of the upgrade options soon to be released, do not hesitate! The Bifrost will save you in the long term. I am currently planning to keep mine for just that reason.
  9. ToTo Man
    I didn't think Schiit were going to make the multibit upgrade available for the Bifrost?
  10. Tuco1965

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  11. ToTo Man
    Excellent news!  I've had the Gungnir MB and Mjolnir 2 and ETHER on home demo for the last week and am very impressed, especially when the Gunigir's balanced outputs are used.   When I use unbalanced however, the improvement over my Bifrost Uber narrows significantly.  For those wishing to continue running unbalanced systems, I wonder if Bifrost Uber MB will be better than Gungnir MB?
  12. StanD
    If you turn up the voume on an unbalanced system so that it matches a balanced system, it should sound the same, unless it can't deliver enough power for one's headphones which is not the usual case.
  13. sheldaze
    FWIW, I'm using my GMB in unbalanced - the upgrade is still quite noticeable through my stereo speakers. It is undoubtedly the best thing I've heard on my system, quite comparable to an analog turntable, though cleaner sounding.
    My plan to get a balanced headphone setup with the LC (Liquid Carbon) and GMB, and to replace my GMB in my unbalanced stereo speaker system with the Bifrost Multibit.
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  14. ToTo Man
    Many are of the opinion that a component that has been designed from its inception to be balanced will sound better than if it is required to be converted to unbalanced.  Gungnir is inherently a balanced design, and its single-ended outputs are the product of conversion.  After accounting for SPL matching, the Gungnir's balanced outputs sound audibly superior to the single ended outputs IMO.  The soundstage is deeper and wider and the overall sound is more transparent and dynamic.  I am not the only one on the forum to reach this conclusion, and I believe even Jason admits that balanced is the way to go if you want to hear Gungnir at its full potential.
  15. ToTo Man
    Sounds like a good plan!
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