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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. mikescchen
    Well It sounded the same to me.
    I've even tried to install the Gen3 driver for Yggy; It works but can't find difference either.
  2. madwolfa
    Only 1.03 works for me. With any other driver it says "No C-Media device".
  3. TrojanRB

    I had the same issue. Schiit recommended using the OLD drivers, and it worked.

    They can be found on the same "drivers" page on the Schiit website
  4. JP1992
    Can't praise this DAC enough, just this moment taken the plunge and bought the Bitfrost Uber Analogue upgrade. Can't wait, for £70, it's definitely not a huge hole in the pocket for such an improvement going by what I have read.
    I've found the DAC really sings when using Foobar2000, WASAPI output, 24 bit, SoX Resampler 96khz.
    Schiit Audio are a top company, service is second to none.
  5. artur9
    The Bifrost Uber with USB is very nice sounding.  I feed mine with an old Mac iBook running Debian/MPD via USB and no complaints.
    Can't wait to see what the trickle down will be from the Yggy, whenever that happens.
  6. oneway23
    Just want to say how appreciative I am to have found a Windows 10 driver for my Uber on Schit's site immediately after doing an in place upgrade from Windows 7...Thanks, fellas!
    JP1992 likes this.
  7. JP1992
    That's great support for you.
  8. Tamirci
    There was a post with photos of installing on the Bifrost main board. Couldn't find it. Anybody posting the link?
    edit: oh nevermind. I found my answer http://www.head-fi.org/t/661444/schiit-bifrost-uber-analog-upgrade/15#post_9405695
    SO, I suppose it's usb upgrade is being installed in the same way. Right?
  9. JP1992
    Just installed the uber analogue board, sounds very nice indeed. However my Dad recently showcased the Xiang Sheng DAC/Pre-amp Tube DAC-01A, and in all honesty I felt the Xiang sounded better, more alive, punchier, harder hitting, smoother at the top end. I only got to run the Xiang for a few hours, and only tested it against the non-uber bifrost. However I have taken the plunge and ordered an Xiang Sheng DAC-03A with GE 5670 tubes, will be very interesting to see how this sounds against the bifrost.
    So I guess, when the Xiang arrives it will be...
  10. StanD
    Try not getting sucker punched by expectation bias. How will you manage a comparative testing setup that solves Echoic Memory limits?
  11. JP1992
    Well, you'd think I'd be satisfied with a DAC I spent £400 on, DAC was £300, upgrade board £70 and expensive optical cable.
    However all that was unraveled when my dad brought around a cheap Chinese DAC he bought in a second hand store a few weeks ago. He set it up, and we did a blind test, he even switched out my Focal 816v Floorstanders retailing at over £1200, for a set of Cheap Mission 750i second hand speakers he bought for £19.
    Had I been someone with a bias, I would have stuck to my guns and insisted my more expensive set up would and should and could outperform this measly new setup. He bought the Chinese DAC for £60, speakers for £19. So a combined total of less than £80 used, against my £400.
    However, like my Dad, who I would call a hi-fi enthusiast (enjoys critical listening) who always buys second hand equipment, never on the search for audio nirvana, just merely listening (when he can afford to) to different pieces of equipment, he ultimately views 'hi-fi' as a nice little hobby that doesn't break the bank and provides interesting results and potential endless tweaking. For example, He's recently experimenting with full range drivers from Marc Audio, and I can positively say, for small 4" drivers, I've never heard such smooth, buttery, but ultimately deep sounding speaker units as his (In small horns).
    So back to your point on Echoic memory, I disagree, going from a tube DAC / Pre-amp I heard a massive difference to that of a standard solid state DAC. I also recognized the high noise floor of the Chinese DACs head phone output immediately most likely due to more money spent on the tube output than the cheaper SS output for the headphones.
    I have an ear for higher quality equipment, as my Dad does, otherwise we would have both been able to have saved alot of money in our life times and been satisfied with a run of the mill stereo CD stack from Pioneer from a budget electronic store.
    It annoys me because my Dad can build home made equipment that sounds better than store bought pre-built components. He can build active with passive subwoofers with enclosures using the same peerless drivers as me, that can achieve intense bass and sound also tighter and more refined than my pre-built components costing x3 as much (I'am definitely a sucker for newer, high-gloss looking designs). He's heard a lot of speakers too, from Quad Electrostatic, to small paper coned full-range speakers. All the way up to huge Horned speakers, super high sensitivity running off £3k+ EAR Valve amps. Luckily I've had the privaledge too, and even when I was 12 I conceeded that my Z5500 system didn't hold a candle against his. And then there was the time I used to run a Soundcard on my PC for gaming back in 2005. He switched out his custom USB DAC, hand build bought off ebay. I never noticed until I played a game. The level of detail present was immense, although tthe first thing I noticed was the perceived lack of bass. That lack of bass ofc was because I no longer had a DSP providing gaming-based effects to enhance / colour / distort the sound to provide more bass for effects. However, even I could accept that this was much 'better', even if I was losing out on much beloved perceived bass.
    Alas, regardless of what people may say, imho, science has some say in this argument in the sense that each component in the chain brings with it acoustic characteristics, from capacitors, to opamps, to valves, to speaker cables to power conditioners (Larger ones, not ones you can pick up with one hand). And that's not taking into account the type of power i.e Transistor vs Valve vs Mosfet (Mosfet sound incredible for their price). It's up to anyone else to decide that all amps sound the same, all DACs sound the same, all cable sounds the same. But to be honest, I would say you are missing out, missing out on an interesting journey. Its not about reaching audio nirvana, its about giving your ears the experience to listen to different components and configurations and allowing yourself not to pre-convince yourself that you have the best setup and nothing can make you change your mind.
    More money doesn't equate to better sound.
    More power doesn't equate to better sound.
    Newer components don't equate to better sound.
    What a reputable magazine recommends doesn't equate to better sounding equipment.
    Bottom line, if you're ears enjoy a particular sound, then stick to it, enjoy it, but don't try to convice others it's the holy grail.

  12. StanD
    Some component changes are vastly overrated. Most quality equipment exceeds our ability to tell the difference. Often, marketing magic incites our impulses and for many all hope is lost. Welcome to the world of hi-fi.
  13. JP1992
    Best off sticking to your budget Karaoke CD player and 1000 watt JBL boombox then. Each to their own.
  14. StanD
    You might try making a valid point with useful information rather than trying to insult people.
    Walderstorn likes this.
  15. JP1992
    That was a point, point being if you can't tell the difference between specific components, might as well save yourself alot of $$$ a stick to a run of the mill budget 'system'. Personally don't see the point of being a member of a site like this, or even browsing the components sub-forum if you adhere soo strongly to your mantra. Remember, a speaker / headphone are only the result of a specific chain of components, if you can't tell the difference between individual component changes, then you technically cannot tell the difference between one speaker and the next. A crossover, capacitor, transistor, voice coil, magnet, the list goes on. Try arguing that you can't tell the difference between a 6N3 tube and a 5670 GE NoS tube, you'll end up blue in the face with most audiophiles.
    Either way I'm moving on from the Schiit I think, great DAC nonetheless, did not rate the Valhalla amp however, far too clinical and underpowered for my Sennheisers, ironically my NAD C325 can drive them much better, and the headphone stage is the worst part of the amp.
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