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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. kstuart
    Very happy with the Schiit Bifrost with Uber Analog and 2nd Generation USB.
    Nothing bad to say about HRT, but the Bifrost - in this configuration - is better.
  2. hodgjy
    It's probably not placebo. When I compare coaxial and optical, optical has less hiss when the music is paused and the amp is cranked to maximum volume. I don't suspect it has anything to do with the receiver; it's more likely due to the electrical isolation that optical offers.
  3. listen4joy
    i have bifrost uber usb 2 and i want to optimise jriver 20 settings for best  SQ i can get. what should i do?
    i only put it on ASIO on C-media. i need to change more things in software in order to improve SQ?
  4. korzena
    In Option --> Audio (settings), tick "Play files from memory instead of disk" -it will load the song first to RAM and play from RAM which is believed to be a better solution for SQ.
    But maybe you should ask in this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/677834/jriver-media-center-19-is-better
  5. StanD
    Other than the possibility of slow disk access causing a disruption to the flow of music, I don't see how playing from RAM could improve SQ. If one doesn't have any disruptions, why bother.
  6. Tuco1965
    There are no perfect settings. The interaction between JRIver, your pc and the Bifrost may take some adjusting on your part. It's just the nature of the variables that come into play.
  7. Tajak
    Hey guys,
    have you tried to install a new driver for Bifrost with Gen 2 USB?
    I tried to upgrade from my version 1.03 to the newest one 1.11 but I am just not able to make it done:
    1) When I run the 1.11 installer, the previous version 1.03 is uninstalled
    2) Computer restarted (I also try to not to)
    3) Run the 1.11 installer and it always ends up with this message: "Please connect the CMEDIA USB2.0 Audio Device." (see the picture bellow)
    Important: I am able to install the 1.03 version without any problem
    My system is: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with SP1
    Does actually anyone know what the new driver brings in?
  8. mikescchen
    Just follow the instruction.
    My procedures on Windows 7 SP1 x64:
    0. Uninstall the Schiit USB audio device in device manager, choose the "uninstall the driver too"
    (note: maybe not necessary, just my own habit)
    1. Uninstall the old driver from control panel. I chose not to reboot here.
    2. Install the new driver.
    3. Actually re-connect the Bifrost USB when the installer asks; keep the installer running, don't cancel it.
    4. The Windows will try to plug-and-play the Bifrost.
    But since I uninstalled the driver in step 0, the Windows will fail this install and show a yellow exclamation mark on the entry. YMMV.
    5. Press continue in the dialog that asks to re-connect Bifrost.
    6. Driver updated, for the exclamation mark returns to normal speaker mark.
    At this point, I did not reboot the computer.
    Checking the driver version in the Schiit USB Audio Device in the device manager shows, that matches the .INF content in the new driver package.
    Foobar will ask for new playback device, since the old device has been removed.
    I'm playing in WASAPI (event) mode, no playback problems so far.
  9. Tajak
    Thanks mikescchen for your input...
    I followed your instructions step-by-step but I am still not able to succeed in installation - everything goes well till step 5. 1.11 installer keeps saying: "Please connect the CMEDIA USB2.0 Audio Device."
    If I try to run and install version 1.03, it works right on.
  10. mikescchen
    Did you tried to contact Schiit?
    USB is convenient when it works, but it does not always works... :p
  11. Tajak
    Yeah man ... :wink:
    I will try to contact Schiit directly ... although I am happy with the version 1.03, works fine for me... I just wonder what the 1.11 brings in ... Have you noticed anything? :)
  12. beginner1
    Just installed the upgrade, don't consider myself an audiophile and didn't really expect to hear any difference but in fact it does sound different to how it did a few minutes ago, and rig still sounds awesome. I'll chalk this up as worth it if nothing else than knowing the bifrost is now maxed out.  Valhallas next with tubes on the way.
  13. StanD
    The amount of time that one can use to make a valid comparison is shorter than you think. See the below link.
  14. beginner1
  15. StanD
    Makes one wonder about ourselves and what we believe to be true that might be different.
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