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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Tuco1965
    I would say that if you aren't experiencing any audible problems with USB then you likely don't need it.  If you want some Wyrd Schiit then go for it.
  2. fenderf4i
    I can only think of 3 reasons that you would want to purchase a Wyrd:

    1. You are getting pops, clicks, or other obvious issues with the USB connection.

    2. You need a powered hub such as when connecting a DAC to a cell phone to provide power to a USB powered DAC.

    3. Because you just have to own every affordable Schiit product that comes out whether you need it or not. (I'm guilty of this one!)

    I would not spend the money on it in hopes of it creating a wider sound stage, or better bass, or anything like that.
  3. StanD
    Hey, you've just shattered many dreams with that last statement. [​IMG]
    MajesticFreak likes this.
  4. Syan25
    I had a major problem with my Yulong D100 DAC Mark 1 - optical connection works fine but the USB connection to my PC gave me audio that cuts out totally after 5 minutes of playing - nothing helped - including various ASIO configurations and using a self powered USB hub......I may try the WRYD - to see if it can solve the issue... 
  5. kothganesh
    No to 1&2. Oh hell yes to 3. 
  6. StanD
    What's one going to use a Wyrd for in Narak?
  7. kothganesh
    Dem's fighting words [​IMG]. But then Narak is a place where the weirdos hang out ! Honestly, it has no use now that I realize the USB implementation on the Bifrost and Gungnir are "first class" according to a Headphoneus Supremus. 
  8. StanD
    I get first class accommodations in Narak, they even serve Ras Malai but don't have air-conditioning.
  9. kothganesh
    But the Ras Malai is served chilled right?
  10. StanD
    That's the only thing chilled in town, other than the Bifrost DACs they provide.
  11. ben_r_

    EXACTLY! >90% DO NOT need that thing and are just wasting money making Schiit richer.
  12. Byrnie
    Sounds like a driver issue to me.
  13. ToTo Man
    Your burn-in experience with the Bifrost mirrors mine 100%, it really was unlistenable for the first 50hrs and didn't fully settle down and open up until 200-300hrs.
    But interestingly, my Uber Bifrost required zero burn-in, as straight out of the box it sounded exactly like the Uber unit I had on trial.
  14. aamer23
    I did not have any issues with burn in however massive issues with drivers and compatibility could not get the DAC to work on USB 2.0 but it settled down on USB 3.0 
  15. madwolfa
    It's normally the opposite.. and in my case it works best on a 3rd party (ASMedia) USB controller (oddly)...
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