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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. StanD
    Yes, their USB implementations are first class. I believe that SPDIF may be more susceptible to jitter than a proper asych USB interface. I don't think I've ever had any jitter issues with my Bifrost USB interface.
  2. Syan25
    I assume optical is first class too
  3. StanD
    Although I haven't used it extensively, It worked just fine, no complaints here.
  4. Byrnie
    I'm considering getting a Schiit Wyrd to see if it makes a difference on the Bifrost Uber.
  5. Tuco1965
    All the uberfrost inputs are great.  Jitter is not a problem.
  6. Byrnie
    I read somewhere that it made a subtle difference on the Bifrost/Gungnir.  The reasoning was that it cleans up the quality of the computer's USB signal so I'm not referring to the uberfrost's inputs.
  7. Billheiser
    In my limited understanding of jitter, I don't believe we would ever hear or know if we have a problem with jitter. It is not directly audible. Jitter can be measured, and very low levels of it may be associated with subtle improvements of sound. But aside from that indirect means (& of course sound quality is affected by many other factors too) we can't really hear jitter. Clearly audible problems (interference, drop outs, etc) are much bigger events, way beyond jitter. Right?
  8. StanD
    Save your money for your daughter, get her a nice set of headphones.
  9. Byrnie
    I have more than enough headphones for her to choose from already and some for my upcoming son.
  10. StanD
    Congratulations to come. Unless you feel the need for a balanced amp, the Bifrost Uber is more than enough DAC. Buy your wife some jewelry, it'll pay back better [​IMG]
  11. Byrnie
    thx!  I don't think I can get much jewelry for $99 though :)
  12. genclaymore

    Go to walmart ,target or kmart, just don't tell her that you got it from either one of those stores and you be all set. :wink:
  13. StanD
    I'm afraid that the price difference between a full loaded Bifrost to an equivalent Gungnir is much more than $99.
  14. Byrnie
    Oh I don't plan to get Gungnir anytime soon, I was referring to the results of the Wyrd with the Bifrost or Gungnir.
  15. StanD
    I wouldn't get too weirded out by the Wyrd, I think that few people really need it.
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