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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. kothganesh
    That is high praise indeed. I am running it through the Zana Deux and hear very very little grain. I think I should stop looking for more expensive DACs (at least for time being).
  2. fenderf4i
    I quit looking at more expensive DAC's a long time ago. If there are more upgrades for the Bifrost available in the future, I will not hesitate to get them, but other than that, I'm done.
  3. hodgjy
    That is pretty much my approach, too.  I thought about the Gungnir, but the Bifrost Uber was close enough for me call it a day. 
  4. Tuco1965
    Add me in.  Other than possible Bifrost upgrades, I'm done.
  5. sling5s
    Me also.  Had the Violectric V800, but the Bifrost is a better price to performance value. 
  6. swspiers
    Sadly, I'm not done.
    I agree with the opinions here, especially the reference to vinyl: this DAC with my Burson is the best digital system I have ever heard or owned.
    However, I'm a bit of a pretentious snob, and when the Yggy is released, I will probably get it...
  7. madwolfa
    This makes Schiit and "used gear" folks happy. [​IMG]
  8. swspiers

    'cept I'm going to keep my Uber.  It's a fantastic value that will fit nicely in our study, or even guest room.
  9. squishware
    I just got my Uber Bifrost USB and it makes me feel like a pretentious snob (in the best way possible).
  10. schneller
    Does anyone have experience with the Über Bifrost USB2 and the Gungnir USB?
    I don't need balanced outputs.
  11. madwolfa
    Bifrost's USB implementation is very robust from what I can tell.
  12. kothganesh
    I have both. I definitely feel the USB implementation is very very good in both. The Gungnir is a tad better but I have my own bias for balanced. I used to have a USB - SPDIF converter for the Bifrost but threw it away after using the USB directly.
  13. schneller
    How does the sound compare and is the Gungnir worth the extra $300 if you don't need balanced?
  14. madwolfa
    If you don't need balanced, I'd save myself $300 and get the Bifrost. With Uber upgrade, it's very similar sounding to Gungnir from what I heard.
  15. hodgjy
    I concur with what everyone has said so far.  The USB gen 2 card is excellent in the Bifrost Uber.  I cannot hear any difference between USB, coax, or optical.  In lesser DACs, I could hear slight differences over USB.
    Also, unless you need balanced, the Bifrost is a better a value.  Some reviewers, like Purrin, has said the Gungnir is slightly better at unbalanced than the Bifrost, but it's not very much.  If you might eventually go balanced in the future, go ahead and get the Gungnir.  If you will always be unbalanced, go with the Bifrost.  They are that close in quality while both running unbalanced.  The Gungnir takes it to another level over balanced.
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