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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. shackleford
  2. fenderf4i
    Is the USB card level with the analog card beside it? It looks a little higher in thee picture, but hard to tell. I think they should be at the same height. Are the spacers the same length as the analog card spacers?
  3. shackleford
    No its a bit higher than the analog card. Here is a pic of the card itself. Does it look normal?
  4. fenderf4i
    I can't say for sure, but I think it should be at the same height as the analog card, I think the spacers used for both cards are the same. Can anyone confirm that?
  5. squishware
    I bought an Uber Bifrost USB on the forum. This is the sound I was looking for, it's so revealing and detailed yet warm and slippery from the tube amp.
  6. kothganesh
    Slippery ? Could you explain ?I'm using the Uber with a tube amp as well and would like to identify with the adjective. Thanks
  7. Tuco1965

  8. xoaphexox
    I wouldn't bother with the upgrade, to be frank. Save your money. Even in the likelihood you do hear a 5% improvement in sound quality, is it worth the 400% cost difference? Unlikely. It's easy to get caught up in the never-ending chase for your "end game" sound. Wait until you have enough disposable income that you don't need to look at price tags. Then you really have the freedom to get what you want. Otherwise it's a constant cycle of small incremental improvements and much lost cash. Lost to depreciation due to resell value of used goods. YMMV.
  9. squishware
    To me slippery sounds like instead of sibilance you get smooth highs that slide over your ear without grating.
  10. kothganesh
    Would I be fair in saying that there is no graininess as well?
  11. madwolfa
    wrong thread
  12. kothganesh
    If you were referring to our conversations, let me point out that we were talking about the sound coming from the Bifrost Uber. This is very much the right thread for this. If you were not referring to our conversations, I apologize.
  13. madwolfa
    No, I just posted something to a wrong thread and I don't know how to delete my post. [​IMG]
  14. squishware
    I would call it grain free but my ears are fairly green compared to others on here.
  15. hodgjy
    To my ears, the Uber is not totally grain free, but it has less grain than my V-DAC II.  It's as close to vinyl as I've ever heard, but I've never heard DACs costing in the thousands $$. 
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