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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. hodgjy
    Schiit's instructions say 2 m or less.
  2. kstuart
    And generally, USB is sensitive to length, even with non-audio applications.
  3. ben_r_

    Yea thats probably a good call. Im running mine through an old 10ft Monster Cable one Ive had for years and it sounds great to me.
  4. ben_r_
    Anyone here know, did the first Rev USB add-on for the Bifrost require drivers or did the availability of drivers from Schiit's website come with the USB Rev 2 Upgrade?
  5. hodgjy
    I believe both required drivers. Shoot an email over to Nick to make sure you have the right drivers for whatever version you're using.
  6. Dawls
    I got my Schiit Bifrost yesterday and I let it sit and play music over night. I have to say that I am a little disappointed, this is my 2nd DAC and this wasn't a HUGE upgrade from my Spitfire MkII. I can hear that there is a difference but it wasn't worth 4-500 USD.
  7. ben_r_

    Welcome to the world of DACs.
  8. hodgjy
    X2.  Differences are very subtle.  If you hear big differences, then one of the DACs was defective or not made by good designers.
  9. Rudiger
    This is why I sold it...
    Although the Bifrost is very good,... Yes, I think a little better than my MDC Nad Dac 2. Less bass but more subtle and soundstage. But actually, agree, it's VERY subtle.
  10. gefski

    My experience has been that in the world of dacs, once one gets by the frequency response obsession (moar bass, treble, etc) that so much ink is spilled on, there are major differences. Living with these components for just a few evenings can leave one unable to stop listening to file after file, or losing interest after just a couple of albums. The characteristics that grab me (or are lacking) are texture, timbre, and touch, air and space, dynamic swings and attack.
  11. sludgeogre
    I've had my Bifrost Uber with USB for a few weeks now. I also have a Vali and Modi. I pair them all with AKG K550 headphones and I have Grado SR325is headphones on the way. I use Foobar 2000 with FLAC at 24/192 or Spotify Premium. 
    The modi was a ton of fun and I had it set up through my speakers as well (Martin Logan MLT-1 theater setup). It was a vast improvement from a crappy Onkyo receiver, that is now dead, and random gaming headsets. I was addicted immediately. I heard the Bifrost had even better sound stage, something I didn't even know about until I bought the Modi. I shared my journey with my Dad who promised me his McIntosh MC2105 amp, C26 preamp, and Magnepan Magneplanar Tympani (don't know model) speakers (!!!!!). I immediately spent my bonus on a Bifrost.
    I use the AKG 550 cans for my commute through my iPhone 5S with spotify premium. I can't even begin to describe the vast improvement in everything between my commute and home listening. The Bifrost and Vali make music sound a thousand times more live, vibrant, spacious, full, every damn audiophile adjective you can think of. I listen primarily to death, sludge, doom, and progressive metal (Opeth, Suffocation, SubRosa, Elder, Animals As Leaders, Yob, etc...) and the instrument separation and clarity are perfect, with the Vali adding enough warmth and depth to make overly-technical or poorly recorded albums still sound beautiful and smooth. This is pure bliss for me as a metalhead. This whole journey started when the Onkyo receiver died out and sucked from the beginning anyway. I was so damn frustrated I had to research this field for months. I'm so glad I found the Bifrost and headphones that can finally bring an Origin or Vital Remains album to life. No more blast beats that sound like farts. I can finally hear the damn bassist in every band. I'm not straining to find every instrument anymore, turning the volume up as loud as I can just to hear everything. It is pure bliss.
  12. Byrnie
    Just get one from monoprice.com so much cheaper and yes I would get a usb 2.0.
  13. hodgjy
    I'm not trolling, but just asking an honest question.
    Does discrete analog output have a higher noise floor than op amps.  The reason is when using my Asgard 2 in high gain, I can hear the noise floor in my Uber, but not on my CD players and V-DAC.  The former has discrete, while the latter two have opamps.
  14. Byrnie
    I have no clue.
  15. kothganesh
    Hello all:
    Noob to this thread but long-time owner of the Uber. I just got a KGSShv which has only balanced XLR inputs. I want to connect my Uber to this amp. I am looking at a male RCA to male XLR stereo audio cable for the interconnect. Is this the only way to go ? Appreciate your input. Thanks.
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