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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. hodgjy
    Find the cap.  If the cap is tight, the problem is with your cable.  If the cap is loose, that's just the design of the port.  I checked my port just a minute ago, and it's fairly loose, but it snaps it.  The cable pulls out easily, but it requires a hand.  Gravity or wind won't know it out.
  2. TheGame
    THank you very much for your help and advice, I'll go do that now. I really appreciate your help! [​IMG]
  3. micho
    This is little confusing for me. I bought the 230V version directly from Schiit. I have been using it in a country that has 230V with no problems. Would this warning apply to me when I do the upgrade? Thanks.
  4. ben_r_

    This would be useful information if you wanted to convert a 230V Bifrost to a 115V. If you ordered yours for your region and that what you need it at, you dont need to worry about this.
  5. micho
    Ohh OK. When I see this post in the upgrade thread, I thought you need to do something extra before installing the card. Because I thought the card has nothing to do with whatever voltage version your Bifrost is and seeing this confused me. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. ben_r_

    Oh I see. No, Im sure the cards are all the same, even the transformer is from what that post said. Its just what part of the circuit board the AC voltage goes through that feeds the rest of the system and that what they are using those solder jumpers for mentioned in the post you referenced.
  7. musicman2006
    I just want drop by and show some love to the Bifrost w/Uber upgrade. I didn't order the USB version but later upgraded and installed the USB2 board my self thanks to the helpful info from sceleratus. 
    I dont detect any difference in sound quality between toslink and USB2 but the USB is more convenient for my setup. 
    Thanks again Sceleratus, you saved me fifty bucks ! 
  8. vjack

    As someone else with a V-DAC and eyeing the Bifrost, I'd love to hear whether you found it to be a significant upgrade over your V-DAC. I'm looking for a clear step up rather than just a move to an equivalent DAC.
  9. hodgjy
    Differences between DACs are subtle.  So, changing DACs is only worthwhile if you can actually perceive the differences and can justify the expense.  The Uber has a more coherent soundstage, better bass control, and less grain in the treble.  Very subtle, but I can tell.
  10. Mingus Ah Um
    Has anyone here compared the Uberfrost to the Emo Stealth DC-1?  I've been going back and forth on these two DAC's for a few months now but I haven't seen many comparisons.  I know the DC-1 has an integrated amp but I don't care about that.  Just curious if anyone has heard them both.  Thanks.
  11. HPiper

    I suggest you look down the topics a ways until you find the "Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC" thread and look at page 21, specifically posts 287 and 294. If that doesn't confuse you nothing will. One person says the DC-1 isn't nearly as good as the Bifrost and another says it is the equal of the Gungnir, so like most things, the impressions of various dacs is so subjective as to be almost useless. I have almost given up trying to use reviews to pick a dac. I think you pick 3 or 4 you think you might like, blindfold yourself and throw a dart. I am leaning towards the DC_1 not because I think it will sound better than a Bifrost, because I don't think it will, but because of all the other features it has that the Bifrost doesn't, like balanced outputs as one example. I read a comparison review a few weeks ago where they did a double blind test using 4 dacs, from a Modi all the way up to like a $4000 dac. No one could consistently identify the dacs when they were operating within their design specs. One guy did a pretty good job telling the cheapest from the most expensive but even he couldn't tell a $1000 dac from a $4000 dac. Just take your best shot and don't look back.
  12. Dawls
    I just got mine in the mail. Everything looks good but they didn't sent me the right power cable nor a usb cable.
  13. hodgjy
    Sorry about the power cable.  But, they don't give you a USB cable.  You can buy one from them, though.  Did you order one?
  14. Dawls
    No I didn't buy a USB, is there a special type of cable that I have to buy or can I use any USB2.0 cable?
  15. ben_r_

    Nope, any standard device USB cable will work.
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