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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Dawls
    Just bought the Schiit bifrot, can't wait to test it. Hope it will do better than my FireStone Audio dac
  2. hodgjy
    Did you go Uber? I love mine; it was an upgrade over my V-DAC II.
  3. TheGame
    Hello fellow Head-Fi'ers,
    I was wondering if you had any suggestions on helping me keep my optical cable secure connected to my Bifrost Uber. The problem I am having is that I use optical cables to connect it to my Titanium HD soundcard (bypassing the Titanium HD’s DAC). I have to use a special Optical cable (Toslink Cables) to connect it. (see attached pic)
    My Titanium HD uses a mini Toslink cable on one end, and of course the Bifrost Uber uses the standard size Toslink Optical cable. I have 2 brand new cables for them, both are on the cheap side. The one is a mini Toslink cable to regular Toslink optical cable that came with the Titanium HD, the other one I purchased from Newegg for around $10 (yes, like I said they are cheap).
    Anyhow, when connecting the regular sized Toslink cable to the Optical-in of the Bifrost Uber it is extremely loose and slightly touching it, much less moving the Bifrost Uber, will cause it to come out. Now this may not be a big deal for some people, but since my Optical cable is connected to my Titanium HD’s optical output, it is behind my PC, which is also behind a desk against the wall making it extremely difficult to crawl under there to get it and re-attach it, just for it to come loose again when it comes loose from the Bifrost Uber (the mini-plug connected to the Titanium HD is fit securely, it's just the Bifrost Uber's opitical-in that is extremely loose and comes out extremely easily, but when it comes out, like stated above, it falls down behind my desk and computer making it difficult to get, and this happens quite a bit).
    Which brings me to my point. Are there any recommendations anyone can recommend as far as optical cables or perhaps an easier solution so that the optical cable fits securely into the Bifrost Uber? I am not sure if it is the optical port on the Uberfrost that is the issue, or if it is just the Optical cables (I have tried two of them, granted they are cheaper ones).
    If you have any recommendations and/or easy solutions that I could do to fix this issue I would greatly appreciate it. Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, or if there is a reasonable priced mini Toslink to regular Toslink cable you can recommend I would greatly appreciate it, although if there is a simple solution that I could do with something I have around the house that would be even better.
    Thanks all!
  4. hodgjy
    Did you take the small rubber cap off the optical lens?
  5. Dawls
    Yes I bought it with the uber analog and the usb gen2 upgrade
  6. hodgjy
    You're gonna love it. I don't use USB very often, but in the past, I could usually hear a difference when using it. With the Gen 2 USB, I can't hear a difference. It's USB done right. 
  7. TheGame

    Hi, thank you for the reply, yes I did take the rubber cap off of both cables. I can get sound from both cables through the Bifrost Uber, the cable just does not fit securely and is very loose. The slightest movement of the cable and it will come out. I don't know if it is just because of cheap cables or why it is so loose in the Bifrost Uber's optical port.
  8. hodgjy
    Did you push the cable all the way in until you felt a click? There is a tooth on the plug that snaps in to place. Once clicked, it will still wiggle a little bit, but it won't fall out. I'm using optical on my Bifrost, and the cable wiggles, but is secure. 
  9. TheGame
    Thank you for the reply, I have pushed it in as far as it will go, but it doesn't click. This is true for both cables that I have. It's still extremely loose even when I push it in as far as it will go. I even triple checked to make sure that the cable was inserted the correct way, but just for the heck of it, I tried turning it upside down just to see if perhaps I was putting it in upside down, but still the same effect. The cable does work, it is just extremely loose and neither cable does not click into place at all. I could perhaps understand with one cable, but I have tried two different cables, granted they are only around $10 cheap cables, but they both do not click into place and they are so loose that I could almost blow on them and they will come out.
  10. hodgjy
    Is the "garage door" dust cover still in tact on the Bifrost? If that's lost or broken, the plug won't hold securely. 
  11. TheGame

    What is the garage door dust cover? The only thing I have back there is the black plastic port the optical cable goes in. It looks like this : (I don't have the USB port, but you can see the optical ports in these pics)
    When you say "Garage Door, do you mean this as pictured below?
  12. hodgjy
    When did you buy your Bifrost?  I bought mine about a month ago, and my port looks like this (pic from web).
    This is how the optical ports look in all my devices, but I have seen the one with the pull out dust cover.  I suspect this is why your cable is loose because of slight manufacturing variations in the female and male parts between brands. 
  13. TheGame
    Yeah I got mine about a month ago as well.
  14. hodgjy
    So, you don't have the swinging door?  Do you have the removable cap?
  15. TheGame
    There wasn't a swinging door that came with it, and I have the cap, but in order to access the optical port, in needs to be removed. I can look for the cap as I am sure I put it in a safe place, but as I remember, the cap just covered the optical port and needed removal before you could insert an optical cable into it. If you look at the pic above with the cap on, there is no where to put an optical cable.
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