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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. kstuart

    Schiit and C-Media mantain it cooperatively.  The current version ASIO driver is excellent, more stable and trouble-free than any other Windows audio driver I have used.
    If you use Vista, you will need a different download, by the way.
  2. Tuco1965
    My old Vista pc never played nice with the Bifrost.  I think all the usb ports sucked.  All good now with Windows 8.1
  3. Byrnie
    I haven't played any bf4 since to check it again. My friends who still play BF4 only like to play Conquest Large which i find so boring. I will try it again tonight for a bit.
  4. yblad

    Sounds like what we used to call premature death syndrome. Most electronic components which will fail fail early,which is why they are ran in (at production) for a few hours. Sometimes one will hang in long enough to ship to an OEM and then you end up with it. I hope you get a fast and satisfactory resolution. Gotta love that 5 year warranty
  5. roguegeek
    Well, I don't know what happened, but the issue seemed to just go away. Let me explain.
    Got home and tried again. It was still cutting in and out. Changed out the cable. Didn't work. Changed to the Modi and it stopped doing it. Changed back to the Bifrost and, again, it was cutting out. Started experimenting and found that it was only cutting out on high bit rate lossless content. I took a lossless ALAC track of pink noise and created a 320 kbps AAC derivative. I tested each track several times and each time I played the ALAC, sound cut out after a while to the point where I needed to unplug the USB and plug it back in. The AAC file worked fine every time. So now I was thinking there's bandwidth issues.
    Well, the issue just kinda magically went away. No change in anything. It's just gone. I guess I'm happy, but now I can't help but think it's just waiting to happen again.
  6. dc-k
    odd eh? Hope it stays ok for you...
  7. mrscotchguy
    I was never really a fan of Schiit' USB implementation. My guess is the problem is a setting, no more. Though, if something is wrong from your last update, it probably has to do with the sampling rate switch or clock (which would effect all inputs, not just USB).

    If you're not using ASIO or WASAPI then your Window Sound Manager settings might be causing the issue. Be sure you set your default sample rate to, 16/44.1 in the Windows setting as well as your music player. By setting these too high, the OS will interpolate information that doesn't exist to fill in the extra gaps, and it can sure sound like hell.

    Hope that helps, as I did lots of troubleshooting with my Bifrost being my first USB dac and not knowing enough to communicate the actual problem on the forums.
  8. Byrnie
    Good to know! That probably explains my BF4 problem with my Bifrost given I set the default sample rate to 24/192. I figured it would only use the rate it was recorded in.
  9. Byrnie
    Let's be honest here roguegeek, i think we can all agree that the only reason the problem went away is because of my post :p. Glad to hear the problem is gone!
  10. Tuco1965
    Weird.  Glad it's working for you now and hopefully continues.
  11. StanD
    If anyone want's to know, I emailed Schiit about the USB port's power requirements and got the below response in about 3-1/2 hours. Sometimes Nick responds within minutes. I think he had to look this one up first or finish his dinner. [​IMG] I've asked such questions of other companies and either got no answer or it took a long time to get a reply.

    Does my Bifrost Uber USB draw power from its USB connection and if so how much current?

    Yes, it does, about 90mA.
      Nick T.
    Schiit Tech

  12. dc-k
    That's my experience as well, they are schiit hot
  13. HPiper

    Vista doesn't play well with anything! not even with Vista.
  14. dc-k
  15. Tuco1965
    LMAO  [​IMG]
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