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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. StanD
    Heck, I was just trying to balance the scales. I think the claim about bass makes little or no sense. Also we are not sampling at 2 kHz, so that statement isn't in context. So then, let's leave this alone and discus how wonderful the Bifrost is, My Uber USB Bifrost should be arriving on Friday. [​IMG]
  2. yblad

    It doesn't matter if it's at 2khz, 44.1khz or infinty-1 khz, it happens in exactly the same way (so long as the sample frequency is still double the wave frequency). I just chose 1 and 2 khz as nice easy example numbers because trying to imagine a 44.1khz sample on a repeated cycle placed over a 22khz signal is enough to even give me a headache!
    But yes I fully agree it's not worth getting into here. Also, i agree that the claim very well may not be true. I was just trying to re-balance the scales after your balancing. A 200hz signal is very low frequency and I also doubt it will make a huge difference. As you said even if you take it up to a 4khz harmonic we have (at 44.1khz) 11 times the sampling frequency than the sound wave frequency. Which I imagine would put us well into the "the errors in the reconstruction from the DAC are bigger than any theoretical gains" region. I'm just saying that it's so easy to discard as simply using Nyquist-Shannon because that theorum is a little bit hopeless.
    I don't think you'll be dissapointed, i'm really falling in love with the uberfrost rather quickly! Coming from my old Fiio e17 it's a major step up.
  3. StanD
    The last DAC I bought recently was a FiiO E18 for portable use, not bad. I'm expecting the UberFrost to be music to my ears, even though I can't hear the 22 kHz in your last example. [​IMG]
  4. swspiers
    Nothing more amusing than reading engineering debates with virtually no regard for the science human perception- of which we understand very little, I admit.
    Anyway, my Uber is slated to arrive tomorrow, as long as nature cooperates.  I can't wait to perceive how long it takes my hippocampus, amygdala, and the rest of my audio cortex to burn-in and adjust to the sonic signature  [​IMG]
  5. StanD
    Are you sure you aren't referring to Human Deception? [​IMG]
    Dang, I have to wait till Friday. [​IMG]
  6. swspiers

    I'm chuckling too hard to argue that, even in jest.
    Nicely played   [​IMG]
  7. StanD
    I'd rather listen to my Bifrost a'play'in. [​IMG] But you're gonna get there first. I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait
    You gonna get hammered by snow? I'm getting a delivery of that tomorrow night.
  8. dc-k
    Upgrade now installed and Bifrost running smoothly...
    I have an issue though. When I reconnected everything, I got no sound out at all. My first assumption was that the ug didn't work, or I'd done something wrong. I replaced the original board and still nothing. So I went into test mode...
    Here's the setup:
    PC with toslink > bifrost > lyr > LCD-2
    this no longer works, but
    DX-100 optical > bifrost > lyr > LCD-2 
    works fine with original and uber boards
    PC with toslink > HiFi M8 > LCD-2
    so the issue seems to be PC.
    Can anyone offer any suggestions, in particular what could I have done to my PC during disconnection and reconnection? or is there a fault in my logic, ie could it be something other than PC? In which case what?
    Any thoughts welcomed...
  9. StanD
    Did the driver get updated? Sometimes Microsoft slips one in when they sabotage our PC with an underhanded update. Perhaps you can try uninstalling the driver and reinstalling the driver that is made just for your PC. Hopefully it isn't busted hardware.
    I'll assume that you used the terms toslink and optical to mean the same thing. If possible, did you try Coax SPDIF?
  10. dc-k
    excuse any ambiguous language, the pc audio stuff is not my area...    
    the PC out is S/PDIF out. The cable is as below, which is what I meant by toslink...
    I've used two different cables so I don't think that's likely to be the issue...
    I'll try the driver thing...
  11. dc-k
    the driver seems to be the original but I'm going to install the latest specific driver now
    how easy is it to damage an optical port when removing or inserting a cable?
  12. dc-k
    reinstalled the driver and it now works!!!  [​IMG]
    thanks StanD
  13. BobJS
    Yes, this is not the right place for this discussion... love my Uber Bifrost .... but as a EE myself, I've always taken @StanD 's stance about bowing down to the almighty Nyquist theorem ... which I regard as absolutely theoretically true.  That being said, you make an excellent rebuttal regarding real world components and implementations.  
    Of course, not being able to hear above 15khz myself, I still feel pretty secure with a sampling rate of 44.1khz.
  14. yblad
    Yeh, I didn't really want to escalate the situation and turn it into a firestorm. I understand the engineering half of it but I know a huge amount less about the human side, it would be ever so foolish to engage in a debate on something I'm not expert in.
    To be fair for most purposes 44.1khz is probably fine. The only place it bothers me is classical music where the upper harmonics are of such a higher importance. It's made worse for me that I personally have a very high upper frequency hearing threshold, I can hear up to ~21Khz. Combination of being on the upper end of the bell curve and being in my twenties! As a physicist my mind is always more inclinded to taking a thoery and shaking it by the throat to see what falls out [​IMG]
  15. StanD
    Cool, I'm glad you're back in business enjoying some music.
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