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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Jd007
    you should just shoot an email to jason from schiit. he is super nice and responds very quickly from my experience.
  2. StanD
    I emailed Schiit and "Nick" responded, essentially he can't answer that. I figured that posting here would reach out to as many possible owners, some may have tried this. I just might shoot an email to Jason, but hope that someone here has the answer.
  3. kstuart

    I can't possibly imagine a reason why the Bifrost would work differently than any other DAC, you might google "Galaxy S3 USB DAC" or similar...
    ... also you say "One use case..." so it sounds like you are also planning to use a PC ?  If so, there are probably more software solutions for connections between a smartphone and a PC connected to a DAC.
  4. StanD
    I've already done the obvious searches on Google and Head-fi and did not come up with either a confirmation of success or failure. I figure this is one way to reach as many Bifrost owners as possible. There are differences in DAC and USB implementations
  5. kstuart
    Okay, but then I think your time is better spent at androidtablets, XDA and other android and Galaxy forums, since the Bifrost is designed for desktop use, and the USB on phones is generally not considered audiophile quality.  So, people would have portable DACs like FiiO, etc to use with phones, and more sophisticated sources for a desktop DAC like Bifrost.
  6. StanD
    A phone can also stream FLAC and high bitrates and high resolution. An Android device is only one of my use cases. Digital does not care where it came from.
    I could use direct answers. I'm trying to reach out to get help from people that might have an answer about the Bifrost not FiiO, etc. If you don't have the answer, I would appreciate if you could leave this alone. Thanks.
    If there are any definitive answers I would really appreciate it.
  7. Tuco1965
    I have an S3 and it does not work with the Bifrost in any configuration I have tried.
  8. mrscotchguy

    My Bifrost worked with my iPad (using the CCK)... Might need to get an iPhone :wink:
  9. StanD
    I imagine that you used an OTG cable. USA or Intl. version, the hardware and software are different? Which version (number) of Android? Thanks for the reply.
  10. StanD
    That's encouraging, I wonder if the CCK works with the Bifrost and the latest Touch? I went into an Apple store this weekend and they didn't know what a DAC was, nor did they even have a CCK in the store.
  11. Tuco1965
    Yes I have many OTG cables.  North American Canada Android 4.3.  I have also tried previous Android versions also with no luck.  Tried the USB Audio Recorder Pro on a 15 minute trial with no luck either.
    I just use Gizmo with MC19 for control in my house.
  12. StanD
    Another possibility is to use a USB to Coax SPDIF gadget and jack that into the Bifrost Coax SPDIF input. Assuming one can be found that plays nice with Android.
  13. Tuco1965
    I gave up trying to make it work.  Since the Bifrost isn't portable I just connect it to my laptop and control MC19 with Gizmo on my S3.  Very happy with how this works.
  14. StanD
    I have a FiiO E18 which I use on the road. The DAC in it isn't half bad. [​IMG] The E18 has a SPDIF coax out that I've used in the past to go to another DAC. The E18 has media controls that work with any compliant player on the Android device. If I get a Bifrost I'll give it a go. If Amazon didn't fumble my order last week, it would be here today. [​IMG]
  15. yblad
    Just got my fully kitted out bifrost. I'm very happy with it, even before any burn in (if such a thing exists).  Can't wait for my new little dot MKV to come to pair it with. But even with my c&c BH portable headphone amp it sounds brilliant. Using AKG K702's.
    I don't know why people complain about the relays. If i have my headphones one I can't even hear the relays ticking over the line noise which they cause, and with my headphones off it's only a rather comforting little set of ticks.
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