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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. TheGame
    Thank you for your post and input. I can't see the Modi being an upgrade from the Titanium HD though. I'm not disagreeing with you, and the Modi is probably a great DAC for the cost, but sample rates, THD, SNR, Frequency Response, and output are lower on the Modi compared to Titanium HD. Of course that is all on paper, the proof would be having the ability to listen to them both to compare, but if the Modi somehow sounded better as a DAC, then I am guessing it would subtle.
    I do appreciate your post and it does give me something to think about. I just think that if I am going to upgrade my DAC, it will probably have to be a significant upgrade like an Uber or Gungnir.
    "Also, if you listen without doing anything to CPU intensive, try out a program called Fidelizer. It's free, and essentially changes the windows processor scheduling and other settings for optimum audio quality until you restart your computer. Though, it will make everything else a touch laggier while enabled."
    Yes I have tried Fidelizer before, but I really don't need it. I am a Computer Technician so of course my PC is pretty high-end (32GB DDR3 RAM running at 2133, Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 4960X Ivy Bridge-E 3.6GHz (Turbo 4GHz) LGA 2011 etc.) so no problems with PC speed or memory in that respect [​IMG]
    Thank you again for the great post and information, it gives me something to think about and consider, I appreciate it.
  2. dc-k
    Uber upgrade ordered. Don't know how I managed to miss this thread until yesterday (it took a while to read through), I decided to order after reading the first few reviews of the upgrade, by which time my questions about whether I would have the skills to install it had been amply answered.
    I'm looking forward to getting the upgrade and installing it but it'll be the new year before that happens I guess...
  3. Vasuvicci
    I just received my Bifrost Uber, I'm pairing it up with the Asgard 2(only 2 weeks old) and my HD 650s. My setup went from a Claro Halo > HP, to Claro Halo > AS 2 > HP, and currently running with Claro Halo S/PDIF > Bifrost > AS 2 > HP. I am still new to this whole sound business so I won't go very in depth. I'm only posting this because I want to share my results about a little experiment, whether or not the upgrade of components produced a noticeable difference in audio.
    The amp difference:
    I began my testing with a negative mindset to hopefully overcome any placebos. To my surprise the biggest difference I noticed was with the DAC. I found that when using the Claro Halo as the DAC a lot of its "personality" made its way into the sound. In regards to the amp, the Asgard 2 was able to take the Claro Halo's sound and open it up. The AS 2 (compared to the built in amp) increased the soundstage significantly. This gave the music more room to breathe and live in. The added soundstage increased the perceived instrument separation without messing too much with the spatial location of the instruments. The only other sound difference I heard was in the bass, it felt more detailed somehow. I felt that the whole sound spectrum opened up more. 
    The DAC difference:
    Note: I've only been using the Bifrost for 30 minutes and with only the HD 650s.
    This is where the magic happened for me. I was really not expecting anything grandiose...this was far from the truth. As soon as I played my first track I knew I was in for a treat. I'll start from the bottom of the spectrum and work my way up. The bass obtained distinction and a small bit of quantity.I felt the Claro Halo had 3 major categories where most of the bass fell into; the sub-bass, transition between sub and mid-bass, and the mid-bass(top of the bass). The Bifrost has shown me that there is more to this, every song has its own highly unique bass. So far the mid-bass(drum kicks) has been the one that changes the most between tracks, there is a nice punch that was not there before. I have yet to figure out how to describe the mid-range so I will stick to how vocals sound. This is where I can bring up the Claro Halo's sound signature, it's bright and it has a metallicky texture that I found ok for the highs but not when it's present in the vocals. The Bifrost is able to add a dreamy like essence to vocals, mostly felt with female vocals. That's what I love the most about it. They sound less robotic and more human, I am able to not only hear but also really feel the tone and character of the voice. I am still new to this so the only things I can say about the highs is the increase in detail. The highs lost their edgy, peaky, almost fatiguing quality I experienced with the Claro Halo. Overall, the Bifrost sounds a lot cleaner and true to the music than the Claro Halo
    Closing notes:
    I am extremely pleased with this Schiit stack and still can't believe the biggest difference came from the DAC. As to my little experiment, I have carefully listened to an Ipod Nano, a Cowon J3, MOBO sound,the Claro Halo sound card, and the dedicated components. There are differences in all of these. To any reader that might be skeptical I understand.The problem is that it wasn't until I moved up to the Claro Halo that I learned to perceive these differences. There is a skill level associated with this hobby, the more I listen the more I learn to appreciate the sound.
  4. Chris J

    Very well written review!
    I wish I could write reviews like that!
  5. saer
    Anyone know how easy/hard it is to do the Uber upgrade yourself ? Is it a "plug & play" matter? Or does one have to do some soldering, etc?
  6. jono454
    I had the same question as you but after finding this I just decided to pick one up without the installation.
    Hope this helps.
    Anavel0 likes this.
  7. ben_r_

    Yea that looks super simple to do.
  8. saer
    Awesome, thanks for that link! Going to order my upgrades now [​IMG]
  9. sling5s
    Just got uber bifrost.  I have a iMac and there's a lot of clicking and popping sound through out the song.  Using optical. 
  10. sling5s
    It was my optical mini adaptor.  Weird.  Never happened before. 
  11. roguegeek
    What adaptor is that? Can't you just go optical through the headphone jack on an iMac straight to the optical on the Bifrost?
  12. ben_r_
    Huh, maybe it got some dirt or dust in it?

    Yes you can but you have to have a cable with a TOSLink connector on one end and the normal optical on the other for the Bitfrost. The adapter he had was probably one of the normal optical to TOSLink reducing adapters.
  13. sling5s
    It was defective I think. When I switched to another mini adaptor, it stopped.  
  14. jono454
    Just installed the upgrade myself..
    Best $100 i've spent on audio so far.
  15. StanD
    OK, this has to do with the Bifrost, not the Uber upgrade but I couldn't find a good thread to pose this question. I'm planning to get the full package, everything on it. One use case is with my smartphone for convenience and streaming. I've posted this question in the Android DAC thread, no luck there.So here's my question:
    Has anyone tried either a Schiit Bifrost with a Verizon or other USA Samsung Galaxy S3 using standard USB Audio. That means without special apps like USBAPP. Using it successfully with PowerAmp, NeutronMP, Google Music Player or the similar apps?
    If you got it to work or not, which version of Android did you try it with?
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