Schiit Asgard: Unboxing and First Impressions
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Both Jason and I were kind of shocked that there would be no noticeable difference on any device. It might be my plebeian ears, but I plan giving the Valhalla a shot.

People's ears are different, people's sources are different, people's circumstances are different, people's headphones are different, people's needs are different.  You certainly aren't the first and you won't be the last person for whom a separate head-amp is not a good solution.
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Not being able to hear a difference isn't a curse, it's a blessing (to the wallet) :) I returned my Asgard as well, it was a good amp but  my new DIY tube amp was a better match with my HD800's. To be clear, it wasn't a particularly fair comparison as the parts cost for the DIY amp was more than the Asgard. Nonetheless the Asgard did sound very good for the price and I think I understand the synergy with the hd650/600's.
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Has anyone tried out their Beyerdynamic DT880's [250 or 600 ohm versions] with the Asgard?
If so, what are your impressions of this combo?
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"daltonlanny", I actually sent an e-mail to Jason Stoddard at Shiit about my vintage 600 ohm Beyer DT-990, he said he had actually tried the Asgard with a DT-880 600 ohm with very good results, he said this was the only Beyer he had tried in with at that time, that was about 3 weeks ago. It seems like the DT-880 600 ohm is more highly regarded as far as SQ goes in Head-Fi and actually then the 32 ohm version and then next any of the 250 ohm versions. But that's the opinion of "Head-Fiers" so you have to take the opinions with a large grain-of-salt and synergy between source>amp>headphone. I can only tell you that my Beyer Dt-990 (600 ohm) is still my favorite dynamic headphone and it's almost 25 years old (purchased it new when I was single and had money in the bank). Happy Listening.

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Thanks rhfactor1. I recently bought a pair of DT880 2003 version used here on Headfi, and I am VERY impressed, to say the least, with them. I actually prefer them over my Sennheiser HD650's and my AKG K701's.
I actually decided to sell my K701's after hearing them!
I would love to find a pair of the DT880 600.
I am seriously considering the Asgard for both my 650's and the 880's.
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Originally Posted by Br777 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
interesting considering the amp is well padded as it ships, and the box was not noticebly banged up...

Shippers are very clever.
I do work for a company that sent a customer an amp, only to have the customer say that a corner of the 3/8" thick aluminum faceplate was literally broken off. Not just scratched, or bent, but broken off. The customer returned the amp and the box was in virtually perfect condition. The only sign of damage was a small, 1/4" hole in the side of the box.
If it weren't for the fact that there was no exit hole or a round found inside the box, I'd have suspected they used it for target practice.
Like I said, they're very clever.
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I just submitted an order for a Valhalla.  I plan on using my Beyer DT-880s 250 ohm version.  I 'll let you know how they fare!  Looking forward to that combo!

Excellent    I look forward to your impressions of it.
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A better foot solution for the heat this generates?
I guess you'd have to buy two packs and then decide which size you wanted to use.
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