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Schiit Asgard: Unboxing and First Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jude, Jun 17, 2010.
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  1. skyline315
    Should be getting a used Asgard next week.  Look forward to joining the family :p
    How many here have it paired with the HRT MusicStreamer II?
    I'll be pairing it with an Audinst HUD-mx1 temporarily, but plan to move that to work in the long run.
  2. RushNerd
    I heard some wonderful things about the HRT asgard combo actually, from people with HE400. Seems like a good fit, I used the Essence ST myself.
  3. sonitus mirus
    The amp might be sitting vertical, which would make your 12:00 position his 3:00, assuming your amp is positioned horizontally.  In the vertical position with my D5K, the 2:00 position is as loud as I've comfortably* gone for very short periods of time (a cool intro to a song or something along those lines), and only on certain music that was recorded at a low volume level.
    In my experience, computers tend to be noisy when it comes to grounds and audio.  I've been using optical for quite some time now precisely to take out any chance of background noise or buzz from minor grounding loops.
  4. mauroj
    I very much want to try one of these. Anybody have one with an Audioengine D1 and D2k cans? Preferably running optical instead of usb?
  5. Noir7
    mine paired with dacport lx and quite please with the combo, it still contain the neutral side from the lx.
    if you combine with the hrt ms2 i think it would be toward to warm sounding.
  6. rmappita
    I love this combo! =)
  7. skyline315
    The 880s sound great on the Asgard.  I've been pleased.  I also like the Audinst in this setup and am almost afraid to switch to the HRT to mess up any synergy along the way.  I'm debating on getting the HRT or just saving up for the Bifrost eventually.  That could take some time, though...
  8. skyline315
    Well, I just ordered the MSII today, so fingers crossed.  If I don't like it, I'm holding all of you personally responsible!  [​IMG]
  9. Y2HBK
    I've been contemplating purchasing the Asgard/Bifrost combo for my Ultrasone Pro 900s. In the future I am planning on picking up some LCD-2's or HD800's. For the time being I've been using my Denon AVR or my Fiio E17 to run the Pro 900s and it seems to do a decent job. 
    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  10. Noir7
    also though about buying the bifrost to accompany my asgard but right now the dacport lx should do for a while.
    really like how schiit design their product to match each other in their line up.
    but if you really want to pick up a LCD2 and HD800, then you should invest more than the asgard/bifrost combo :D
  11. Y2HBK
    As much as I would love to grab something like the Mjolnir and Gungnir combo - not only would that be more than double the cost of the asgard/bifrost combo, it would also limit me to balanced headphones. Investing in something like the LCD-2 or HD800 may be easy for some, but thats a lot of cash for me to throw down which is going to limit other purchases even more.
    I was always under the impression that the asgard/bifrost combo should be more than sufficient for both of those cans?
  12. Noir7
    well i've already tried the asgard with those headphone you mention, the asgard surely can give enough power to make those headphone sing but not to their full capabilities.
    its like something held them to run at full speed, i can still enjoy my music because those are great headphone but i would't recommend it.
    but this is just my opinion, what you hear may different from what i actually hear. if you can enjoy those setup then why not :D
  13. PanamaHat

    I'm so glad to see someone else enjoying the Beyer dt990 pro [​IMG] I've been debating whether or not to purchase those again. Price/performance ratio is incredible
  14. olddtfan
    Ordered the Asgard today I am going to use it with my HD 650s I hope its a good combo.[​IMG]
  15. Defiant00

    Congrats, it's an excellent combo!
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