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Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by XERO1, Aug 28, 2019.
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  1. goryglory0209
    Thanks I ordered the Audio Quest Ones . I think those would be good enough. Got a USB Micro and the RCA from them. Still in Shipping so will see when it arrives.
  2. Currawong Contributor
    Edit: Dupe. Dang airport wifi.
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  3. ScubaMan2017
    Greetings, @Plautus001 ! :flag_ca:I upgraded from the Modi Multibit to the closeout-Bifrost-MB. I've been very pleased by the slight upgrade. I like the larger hardware that the Bifrost provides (no irritating wallwarts/floorwarts). It's built like a tank. Check with Schiit Audio to see if the Bifrost-4490 comes with the USB-5 upgrade (mine did). The black-chassis is very slick looking (I think it looks nicer than my other brushed aluminum boxes).

    I chose the Bifrost over the Bifrost 2 because I just don't need the remote control and the balanced outputs.

    My vote = go with the Bifrost-4490. 5 year waranty (as compared with the Modi's 2y waranty). Solid construction. Runs cool.
    My other vote = go with the Modi 3 if you want to save some cash (and pick up another toy from their site... perhaps a Fulla 2? Nice knob!!! :ksc75smile: ). I think the Modi3 comes with a USB cable AND a wall wart. My ModiMB runs somewhat warm.
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  4. Plautus001

    Thanks for your thoughtful input... I'll have to see how Santa treats me... bit I'm at least getting a Modi 3 in black if not the 4490 Bifrost
  5. goryglory0209
    eez I ordered the SKW cables and the box it came in I thought I ordered an Oven. Upon opening the Big cardboard box Found this. Some quick pictures IMG_20191212_205719.jpg IMG_20191212_205636.jpg IMG_20191212_205559_Bokeh.jpg [/QUOTE]
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  6. goryglory0209
    Although I dont know how to plug them They have arrows on the shielding pointing to one direction on both side Shields.
  7. Currawong Contributor
    @goryglory0209 You might want to edit your post to fix it so it doesn't look like I said something I didn't. :)
  8. ColdsnapBry
    Should I tun the Asgard 3 on hi or low gain with my Mr Speakers Aeon Flow (13 ohms)?
  9. ev666il
    Low, unless you feel it's not loud enough.

    I've recently gone back to low gain as I could hear mains hum on high gain and it was quite bothersome, even though I loved the extra sound pressure. Guess I'll turn the knob up higher. Low gain is dead silent and being rid of the hum is priceless.

    (Note that mains hum is not the same as the ground loop buzzing I was getting through the computer's USB port; that one was gone the moment I put in the ifi Defender 3.0.)
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  10. tafens
    Try both settings and listen to hear which one sounds better to you (unless high gain is too loud and leaves too little room on the volume pot, in which case low is the only practical option).

    Differences (except the obvious volume boost) may be subtle, but some, including myself, feel that the music sounds more dynamic and engaging on high gain.

    My advice would be to listen on high gain for a week or so, then switch to low and continue listening. Is there a difference? Do you prefer one over the other?
    Then go for that one! :L3000:
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  11. ProfFalkin
    I hate to sound snide, but can someone point me to the impressions in this impressions thread? Preferably something with a comparison in it? (eg. A3 vs another amp)

    I've seen 4 impressions in over 40 pages of loosely related Schiit (before I gave up reading), and not a single one to tell me how it sounds by comparison to anything else in the market. So far I learned "Jason Stoddard will never make an amp that overtly colors the incoming signal" (which I would argue is debatable), "It isn't raspy", "it sounds great", and "it doesn't make Focal Clears sound too bright".

    Thank you.
  12. tcellguy
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  13. gefski

    OK, here’s one. Vs. My Woo WA6+ with caps & v/c upgrade from a few years ago. I’m sending Redbook files via Dante Ethernet/AES to YggyB. Typical music Is Allen Toussaint, Cassandra Wilson, Sonny Landreth, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, R. L. Burnside, Duke Ellington, and for music with lots of air - ECM recordings with Charles Lloyd & John Abercrombie.

    I find the Asgard 3 beautifully balanced and refined, top to bottom. I’m not getting f/r differences jumping out. Natural, alive dynamic swings. Foot tapping, then foot stomping, without giving it a thought. Rather than a bunch of back and forth A/B-ing, I just went with the Asgard, my familiarity with the WA6 being pretty solid. I ended up with no desire to check and re-check the WA6 differences, just enjoyed the music for 7 to 10 days.

    Finally going back to the WA6, the good news for Asgard is that, for me, there are really just small differences in favor of WA6. However, and this is a big however, many of these small differences are fundamental to my music listening. Here are the important ones in favor of the WA6 that make me refuse to stop listening.

    *** SLIGHT lack of transparency with Asgard. Forget the worn out cliche about all tube amps being “rolled off” or “soft”. Microdynamics of instruments and sounds are in "more nothingness" with my WA6, if I’m permitted a ridiculous statement. Since the Asgard's stated s/n is better, I dunno why.

    ***Truer timbre of instruments, sounds, & vocals in all recordings. This realism of everything may be what makes the Asgard "seem" less transparent to me.

    ***Perceived ambience and sense of the recording space.

    Can’t forget the $ difference between them though, it’s X5.

    An aside about the heat — not much. Fahrenheit 90ish on top and, surprisingly, 96 bottom ps end and 116 output end. The feet are real short, but stable and very un-sliding. I frequently like a bit more air around my gear, but after reading Jason’s info on development, learning about the use of a “gap pad” to move heat out the bottom, I’m fine with it as is. Or, if I think I would achieve some psychological benefits with slightly taller feet, I’ll do that. :smile_phones:

    So the Asgard 3, which I purchased to help me reduce the tonnage I’m hauling to meets, becomes a permanent resident here. A terrific evolution of the product and at $200, a staggering value, I think.
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  14. Weltverloren
    Has anyone had the chance to try out how the A3 pairs with the Denon AH-D9200 or any of the other newer Denon cans?
  15. Chastity
    New Asgard 3 owner, decided it was time for a new headphone amp after 15 years of using a HeadRoom Supreme amp. (Thx Tyll) Geez, has it been 15 years? :D Anyhoo, using a G6 as my DAC (Fast roll off Linear Phase) with a iDefender3.0 to supply DC power to G6 via powerpack. The Asgard really picks up on the dirty power from laptop's USB, with white noise and humming, more-so than the HeadRoom. Headphones are a set of DT-1990 250 Ohm @ High Gain and Balanced pads.

    I found the Asgard output to be tighter, and faster compared to the HeadRoom. Also, the headphones are able to retain their dynamics at lower volume levels better. I noted that the power across the FR was more linear, bass and subbass is well defined. Mids are a tad less recessed, treble isn't glaring or overly represented. In fact I felt they were a touch smoother.

    But what really got me was after using the Asgard after a day. I was reading, listening to my favorite playlist, and it hit me that everything sounded off on the sound. The treble sounded muffled, and overall everything was dark. So I checked Peace, and my settings were still the same. (AutoEQ settings adjusted for my age). So I turned off the EQ, and it was just simply beautiful... the DT-1990 was no longer overly bright and prone to sibilance like it was before. I was quite befuddled, wondering, "What Schiit voodoo is this??! ". It was like the amp paired to my headphone, and became one in harmony. So I left it running overnight on low gain, and went to sleep.

    The signature hasn't changed much, the treble still seems smoother, tho the previous EQ isn't as dark sounding as it was before. Listening without EQ is still more pleasant than on the HeadRoom, however. Weird. Primarily, I was looking for an amp that would maintain dynamic range at lower volume, so that I can enjoy lower volume listening, and this was accomplished. I suspect it's due to the 500mW of Class A power. Being able to enjoy the DT-1990 without EQ'ing is an unexpected bonus. :)


    The headphone stand came with my Sony MDR-SA5000. Headphone cable: NewFantasia mini-XLR to 3.5mm stereo, with 1/4" adapter, gold and crimson, 1.2m length (4')
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2019
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