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Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by XERO1, Aug 28, 2019.
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  1. bequietjk
    Not gonna lie. I really like the glow.
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  2. caenlenfromOCN
    it makes this image of little dots on my entire ceiling, I kind of like it as a night light lol
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  3. Hofy
    Thanks. That is what I was hoping for. Mine will be on a shelf and I should easily see that even in the day time.
  4. Baten
    The 789 sounds really quite good to many ... also SE/Bal in SE/Bal out ... what's not to like.
    I do wonder about A3 vs 789 comparison though.
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  5. Grieg
  6. Baten
    Modi 3 would be a cheap upgrade. The chip used in the Denon is a little dated. There's probably plenty of DAC options but modi seems like a safe bet for little money.
    Imo upgrade worthiness headpones>>amp>>dac with the dac the most subtle difference so imo, don't go too crazy.

    Of course you can try the Denon first before splurging, or simply try modi3 and send it back if you notice little difference. Other options, grace sdac, airist rdac. Perhaps bifrost... :)
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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  7. Grieg
    Thank you. Im currently using the Vali1 as my amp, so maybe I will first introduce the Asgard3 and see if I can hear a performance increase from that (if I cant, a new DAC probably wount make a difference, as im the problem) and then go for the Modi once I have a new base line.
  8. greenarrow
    Looks OK to me. Not that bright. Still, I prefer the usual position of the power-on led.
  9. tafens
    You could go for the multibit dac card, at $200 extra as an option when ordering Asgard. The card by itself, or the equivalent Modi Multibit is $250. But cards cannot be used with Vali of course.
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  10. XERO1

    Here's a pic of my rig in the dark.

    The white LED on the right is from my Modi MB, which isn't as bright as the LEDs that were on earlier Schiit products.

    The glow from the Asgard 3 is pretty dim by comparison.

    I can tell in the other pic were the light is being projected on the wall, that the exposure of the pic is exaggerating the brightness you would actually see with your eyes.

    I had a similar problem when I was trying to take my pic. I took me a while to get a pic looking close to how it looked in real life.
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  11. ev666il
    I'm considering the Asgard 3 as a potential upgrade from my stack (Modi 2 + Magni 2 Uber.)

    A few questions:

    • Is the 4490 DAC module essentially the same as what's in my Modi 2 (i.e. I shouldn't be expecting any improvements over what I already own should I go for that option)?
    • This might be more of a question for @Jason Stoddard - In your Schiit Happened thread, you mention that the main advantage of a True Multibit DAC is the ability to retrieve the original samples. You then list an objection along the lines of "music recorded nowadays goes through delta sigma ADC anyway", to which you reply that music recorded with multibit ADC is still around. Now, most of the music I listen to is fairly modern (i.e. from the late 90s on)—would a True Multibit DAC still benefit me in this case (I assume 99% of metal music recorded in the 2000s went through delta-sigma ADC)?
    • How is channel imbalance on the Asgard 3? My Magni 2 Uber can already easily drive my Focal Elegia to uncomfortable levels of sound pressure in low gain, and Asgard 3 is a more powerful amp; I would probably use it in low gain at all times and keep the knob to 1/4 or lower.
    • Appreciate this is very subjective, but do you think an Asgard 3 (regardless of the chosen DAC card) would be a significant improvement over my current stack? Or should I just shoot for the Jotunheim?
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  12. audi0nick128
    Hey there,
    I am wondering if anyone tested Asgard 3 fed by Chord Mojo. Hope this question is allowed here :)
    I ' d like to give it a try and possibly get a Loki as well.
    Dont really know if its neccesary for my open Aeons or my other dynamic cans, but it should be fun to finetune the sound signiture and having plenty of power to spare for future phones, since my mojo has more than enough power for the Aeons, yet I am still interested how it sounds. :)

  13. tafens
    The Modi2 had the AKM4396 chip first, then changed to AKM4490 later on. If yours is the 4396 then yes the card is most probably better. If it is the 4490, then the card could still be marginally better as it is a later design and will be driven by a beefier power supply in the Asgard than the Modi.

    Interesting observation. To me, subjectively of course, multibit DACs (Modi multibit, Multibit card) still sound better than D/S (Modi2).

    My Asgard is still out on delivery, so can’t say for certain. However, it probably uses the same pot as Lyr3, and to me, on the Lyr3, channel imbalance is not audible even at the lowest volume. On the Magni2U/Magni3 I could begin to hear imbalance just below 8 o’clock, becoming more pronounced going lower. This is using my HD6XX headphones. My preferred listening level is around 9 o’clock on all of my Schiit amps (low gain on Magni, high gain on Lyr3), definitely no imbalance there.

    Yes, I think Asgard would be an improvement over Magni2U and Modi2. For me, the step from Magni2U and Modi2U to Magni3 and ModiMB was a definite improvement, and so was the step from Magni3 and ModiMB to Lyr3 with Multibit card. The Asgard uses the same Continuity design as Lyr3 (albeit without the tube) so I definitely think the Asgard would be an improvement over Magni2U. I say think because I haven’t listened for myself yet, but I really don’t see how it could not be.
  14. Shane D
    Do any of the people with the Asgard 3's have any experience with Burson amps?
    I have a Burson Fun-Classic and am thinking about replacing it. I like the Burson sound, but I use a Schiit Loki so the sound can be "adjusted".

    Shane D
  15. Grieg
    Thx. $200 extra might be to much right now, but I am tempted by going for the 4490 DAC
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