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Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by XERO1, Aug 28, 2019.
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  1. HifiRED
    I'd love to see those measurements also!
  2. Mani ATH 87
    I've had a few instances now where I've flipped the power switch on at the back of the amp and the amp actually hasn't turned on.

    It has a familiar kind of "click" when it powers on (you can tell the sound it makes when you flip the switch), in the instances where it doesn't power on there's a different feel to flipping the switch, it's a bit hard to explain. It's happened 3 total times to me now, but I can't reliably replicate the behavior so I'm unsure why it's sometimes happening.

    Little bit concerning.
  3. caenlenfromOCN
    Have you also had this issue: the power plug cable takes a lot of force to plug in back of the Asgard 3... and same with the RCA cables, its almost like the manufacturer made everything too small by 0.1 mm or something. I mean it's not a huge deal, but everything plugs in very smoothly on the Asgard 2.
  4. Mani ATH 87
    I only plugged it in once initially and it seemed tight but I didn't notice much issue. As for the RCAs, I haven't used them yet since I have the Multibit DAC installed. I haven't run the amp with a separate DAC yet.
  5. caenlenfromOCN
    I have been swapping the cables a lot cause I am testing different amps side by side. The Asgard 3 is a real pickle, hit my knucle 3x on my wall so far its so hard to take them off.
  6. starence
    Copied these quotes from the Asgard 2 thread, because this is a great idea. Have you guys considered something like this @Jason Stoddard?
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  7. XERO1
    Funny you should mention this. :smirk:

    I've been bugging Jason to offer a RCA line-in input card ever since the Jotunheim was released.

    He finally began producing them for use with the Ragnarok 2 (it comes with two of them by default).

    I spoke with Jason at the SoCal CanJam in June and I told him now that he actually has the cards available, he should offer them as an option for all of the other amps that have a module slot, and just charge another $10-20 for it. He seemed to like the idea, but obviously not enough to get around to doing anything about it (at least not yet).

    This past Friday, I sent an email to Schiit asking how much one of the line-in cards would cost to buy individually. They haven't replied back yet, but I'll let you guys know what they say.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
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  8. Jason Stoddard
    Yeah, we should sell them. I've just been lazy about listing them. I'll add the analog input card as an option for $20 on Monday. Sorry for the oversight.
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  9. XERO1

    giphy (10).gif
    You sir, are the SCHIIT!!

    Thanks again, Jason. :L3000:
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
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  10. treecloud
    Unplug the power cord and operate the switch rapidly for several seconds. You may be able to tell if the mechanism is off.
  11. Mani ATH 87
    How will I know if something is off by doing this? If I notice a difference in how the switch feels turning on and off?
  12. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I know this is a severe stretch, but is it possible to have an add in card with both optical and usb? I don't care if it's like $50 extra. If you can get one for the Asgard 3 I'd order immediately.
  13. Gazny
    What makes the A3 better for this?
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
  14. rascalion
    I came into the office this morning after a nice week of vacation to see a lovely box of schiit waiting on my desk. Inside was my Asgard 3 in black (no DAC, yet). I quickly wired it up to my Modi 3 and took it for a spin. I've given it a listen all morning and it's a nice step up from the Magni 3. I've seen the reports that it gets better after a bit of burn-in so I'm hoping it will sound even better tomorrow.
  15. logboy
    can jason / schiit give us a date and price for UK availability?
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