Schematic for Ebay/DIY amp kit A1 MK3-PRO
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Aug 17, 2015
Hoping someone on this wonderful forum has some information for me regarding an amplifier kit I bought on Ebay.
I've bought and assembled a few amps, (both headphone as well as speaker power amps) so I have some fairly decent experience with assembly, as well as "intuitively" reading a PCB and installing components, however, this is the first time that I've ever been confronted with a TOTAL lack of documentation.
This is the kit that I bought, and it did arrive basically as described. However, it appears that the board has gone through an upgrade/ version update, and even the picture of the board in the picture is not what I received. What I DID receive was labeled as "A1 MK3-PRO"  "Classic amplifier MKIII-PRO"
It looks very very similar to the amp in the pic, with even more components. I realize that buying off of ebay is "caveat emptor" but I'm hoping someone on here has potentially built one before, and might be able to send me a pic of the finished board view.
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Based solely on the name, maybe it's a clone of the Beyerdynamic A1?
Pics online don't seem to match up, I did find this clone which has some similarities...
Sorry, that's the best I can think of.
edit: yep looks like a clone, so just dig around for the one that looks like the closest match

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