SCAM ALERT!!!! ASUS STRIX "True 7.1" are a SCAM!!!!!
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I dont like bringing drama to forums, but I feel its important for people to know this.

ASUS STRIX "True 7.1" are not "True 7.1" like the Tiamat 7.1 or a 7.1 speaker system. The Strix are just multiple drivers using the same 2.0 signal. Meaning its a normal headphone with multiple speakers playing the same sound signal thru all speakers. Instead of 7.1 surround which gives 7 unique directional + 1 Bass signals to multiple speakers. The virtualization is horrible so sounds in front will come out of back speakers.

The whole benefit of actual 7.1 is being able to control the distinct directional channels, something you cant do with 2.0. Example with 7.1 in Rainbow 6 Siege your avatars footsteps and actions sounds only come thru the "side" channels via 7.1. Enabling a players to mute his own footsteps, reload sounds, etc while amplifying the enemies via center and back channels. Its really not about sounding "good" or realistic because they dont. Its about muting certian sound cues while amplifying others. The Tiamat 7.1 sounding horrible is actual its best feature, rear tweeters are very high pitch and "scratchy" so rear footsteps really stand out.

Even as a multiple driver headphones the Stix 7.1 is junk. Because it has 0 frequency break-up between the drivers, so tweekers and bass driver get the same signal creating distortion. Nothing like hearing a high pitch sound thru a bass driver and hearing low bass thru a tweeter.

This is a scam full stop and as close to false advertising as a a company can get. They use the wording "True 7.1" and that most protects them legally since its an undefined term. But its impossible to understand these are 2.0 headphones from their advertising which has 7.1 all over it. Its been going on for 4+ years, never buy an Asus product.

I've spent over 10k on Asus products over the last decade for my office and family. Never again will I buy their products. Im returning it and the only thing I lost was 2 hours getting ASUS to admit its only 2.0. What angers me is the 1000's of people who bought this product who didnt have the technical experience to know its a lie.

None of the 100's reviews from content producers catch on this is a 2.0 headset. Some even go in depth to explain what the difference between actual 7.1 and 2.0 are, then go on to claim the Strix are actual 7.1 comparable to the Razer Tiamat 7.1. So even if ASUS isnt falsy advertising this product, its falsely advertised by almost all reviews being misled by ASUS marketing. Modern copy and paste journalism is junk. No one even test products or claims, just copy and past marketing into an article with a sponsored link to Amazon.

Heres a bunch of horrible articles explaining this 2.0 multi-driver headset as Actual 7.1 with positional drivers. Theres 100's but lets laugh at these with thier horrible writers and 0 standards.
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Add that to the large list of Gaming Headphone gimmicks from Gaming companies that are proven scams.

So glad people that know their crap about audioare getting into the game.

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