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Nov 25, 2002
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Nov 25, 2002
Well Its been a while, and the upgrade bug has hit me.

I have an IPOD touch 3rd gen with a Sendstation dock and PA2V2 amp with the Beyer DT235. I like the sound, but I want more. Now my living situation is such that I just can’t audition cans unless I travel out of the country, which is rare. High end phones here are almost nonexistent, so I can’t compare. Just so you know, an amp upgrade may be in the future as well

What I would like to get is a scale up of what I have, almost the same sound signature, but more clarity, more smoothness, more openness, more dimensionality, a little more attack in the lower registers a little more open in the mids.

My price range is in the $150 - 300 USD area, and my criteria for the phones are as follows: Must be closed, and portable, must be comfortable and have a level of isolation for on the go. On ears are almost out as I am a wearer of glasses… and that is not going to change anytime soon.. . My music preferences are almost everything, with a leaning to alternative, but I listen to rap, hip hop, pop, jazz, classical, rock, dance, trance etc. So the headphone should be an all-rounder, not just for modern music.

With that in mind, I have narrowed it down to a few:

KEF M500 (I know they are on ears, but they seem to be supremely comfortable)
Beyer dynamic Custom One Pro
Sony MDR-1r ( Though from my reading, may be too forward in the mids for me?)
I am also kind of looking at the HD 25 and the amperior even though they are on ears, but they get high marks for sound and that is tempting

Now I can get all but the KEF easily through B&H. The KEF may be harder to get as I don’t think Amazon will ship it to me, but from the comments, it seems to be the best sounding of the lot.

I have ruled out the PSB because of size. They seem just too big for me.

So any recommendations at all in this category, I would be grateful.
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